The Glorious Sons – Everything is alright

You guys are fucking awesome. Keep it up, can’t wait to see you in concert again.


It’s bands like these guys, Arkells, and The Tragically Hip, to name a few, that make me proud to be Canadian!


Weird seeing these guys here. I didn’t think they were so unknown. They have a great song called Come Down.


Saw these guys at First Ave (7th St) in Minneapolis. Loved them since.


Saw them live a while back. One of the best concerts I’ve seen.


I heard “Heavy” come on octane one time and I was hooked!


I’ve been fortunate enough to have seen this band three times (Westcoast Canadian) every time they tour here they get better and better, their performance, along with the song writing on their new songs. Just good straight up rock! From Kingston, like the Headstones & the Hip. Be proud Kingston, that’s a pretty good lineup of Rock to come from your town.


Fuck the glorious sons and their brainless uninspired noise.