This is what I’m talking about. Not only does it make me sad, it makes me fear for our world. Like I’m genuinely terrified of what is to come. It’s already so bad now. I know so many people who just don’t give a shit about the climate and it’s not right. We all know our planet is in a pretty bad state now and something clearly needs to be done.


“bUT iT snOwEd hERe”


Involve yourself with environmental organisations, talk to friends and family, make personal changes (fly less, use as little plastic as you can, cut down meat consumption etc) take action. It is really scary, I’m terrified, but we are all here because we care, we need to talk about climate disaster as relentlessly and effectively a the right do about immigration.


Everyone believes in climate change. Its just that they are all divided over humans causing it.


Then stop fucking eating meat instead of complaining about it on reddit



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