‘Just a lot of alarmism’: Trump’s skepticism of climate science is echoed across GOP

As President Trump's rejection of climate science isolates the United States on the world stage, illustrated by the small U.S. delegation dispatched to this week's United Nations climate summit in Poland, he has also presided over a transformation in the Republican Party - placing climate change skepticism squarely in the GOP's ideological mainstream.

Maria Butina’s Legal Bills Are Being Paid by a Russian Who Has Supported Texas...

Accused Russian spy Maria Butina is currently awaiting sentencing after pleading guilty to conspiracy against the United States in December of last year.

Alabama students speak out on abortion ban: ‘I’m not planning on living here after...

The near-total abortion ban passed by the Alabama Legislature and signed into law this week was a major topic of conversation among students at the University of Alabama in Tuscaloosa.

Duterte ‘confesses’ he molested their maid as a teen

President Rodrigo Duterte bares details of the supposed incident before a large crowd in Kidapawan City, as he attacked the Catholic Church for its 'abuses'.

Chaos at conservative think tank after donor revealed as Russian ‘oligarch’

Chaos has erupted at a conservative think tank after it was revealed that one of its new donors is Len Blavatnik, the Ukrainian-born billionaire who owns the Warner Music record label.

Former Venezuela Supreme Court judge flees to U.S., denounces Maduro

CARACAS - Former Venezuelan Supreme Court Justice Christian Zerpa has fled to the United States to protest President Nicolas Maduro's second term that will begin with his inauguration this week, the onetime Maduro backer told a Miami broadcaster on Sunday.

Trump complains that negative coverage of him ‘can’t be legal’ and ‘should be tested...

President Donald Trump started off his Sunday by suggesting the media should have to answer in court for the "Nothing less than unfair news coverage" that he is subjected to.

William Barr: is his defence of Trump paving the road to tyranny?

Moments before a highly anticipated congressional hearing at which the star witness, the attorney general William Barr, was no longer expected to appear, Representative Steve Cohen placed a porcelain chicken on the dais.

Trump to propose massive renewable energy cuts, something Republicans don’t even want

As President Donald Trump prepares his to release his fiscal year 2020 budget request, he is expected to propose massive cuts to the U.S. Department of Energy's renewable energy and energy efficiency budget.

ISIS has lost its last stronghold. US backed and Kurdish led Syrian Democratic forces...

BEIRUT - U.S.-backed, Kurdish-led fighters captured the last town held by the Islamic State group on Friday, after days of intense battles in the militants' single remaining enclave in eastern Syria, activists said.

Police raid store in North Texas and remove all CBD related products

Duncanville police say they removed hundreds of pounds of CBD products from two stores, along with more than 30 pounds of what they described as marijuana, in what the stores' owners described as a big misunderstanding.

It costs less than $60 to have a baby in Finland. Its healthcare system...

Dr. Aydin Tekay is the chief physician at a labor ward in Finland where every mother there gets a private room and even the option of a water birth.

NRA Heavyweight Wanted Access to Putin: Leaked Email

A former NRA president hoped to win access to Vladimir Putin on a trip to Moscow, according to an email from one of the trip's organizers.

The IMF identifies the $5,200,000,000,000 that we spend every year on fossil fuel subsidies

What they mean by underpricing is our failure to include in the price of fossil fuels the costs of the damage we know that burning them is doing to our country and to the world.

Argentinian model who exposed high-level Argentine pedophile ring was found not to have died...

Official blood test results from entertainer Natacha Jaitt's body do not indicate that the entertainer consumed cocaine prior to her death, leaked forensics resulted indicate.

Former Trump lawyer and fixer Michael Cohen pleads guilty, makes a deal with Mueller

President Donald Trump's ex-lawyer Michael Cohen pleaded guilty Thursday to lying to Congress about a Trump real estate project in Russia.

Judge rules against Walmart for firing employee with medical marijuana card

A federal judge ruled against Walmart in a recent lawsuit for terminating an Arizona employee who possessed a valid medical marijuana card after a drug test of the worker came back positive, the Phoenix New Times reports.

Why Not Start Saving the Biosphere by Outlawing Private Jets?

I'll take a brief tour of the private jet aircraft industry - I'm mostly talking your basic Gulfstream rendition jet, not your Third World dictator Airbus or Boeing, and not your Piper Cub, or hospital helicopter - followed by discussion of the industry's impact on the biosphere.