I didn’t know Lincoln was Canadian

"Four score and seven years ago, eh?"

New prime knife? What do you think? Author: Ordanicu

If Valve actually does this, please make it so the knife is held upwards!

Kratos right now

We win because we are determined. Disciplined. Not because we feel ourselves superior.

This one dude in the crowd in a neon shirt

Worst where's Waldo ever.

5 years ago today: the Eagles and the Lions faced off in the ‘snow...

Shady in the snow is like activating the game breaker in nfl street.

Banana Cream Pie

Wacca wacca wacca wacca wacca wacca wacca.

The Speed Demon Fox goes 0-60 in less than five seconds

This doesn’t even look real.

After 18 years of being told ‘No pets’ by my mum today I adopted...

How old were you when your mum first told you "No pets"?

5 years ago today: Perhaps the craziest final 2:09 in NFL history, including 35...

This game was awful up until this point too.

Ex-EPA chief Scott Pruitt used personal email for government work

Donald Trump's first Environmental Protection Agency administrator repeatedly violated agency policy to use personal email for government business, according to newly released public records.

Sweet and spicy fried chicken bao

It looks like something I would like for my breakfast right about now.

Even satan doesn’t want me

If i'm the little guy, then satan is my drinking habit.

Just a cat chilling on glass

This is exactly how my diet is going.

Almost winter in Norway

That water is so dark.

Motherly love

Catnap cuddles.

Can we get crowbar to Danger Zone mode? It would be great IMO

Not sure if Valve has a crowbar model available!