Little project I finished last night

I feel like with the right combo I can unlock your front door.

Facecubic painter

Cool but was it worth cutting off a portion of his skull?

Fox playing in a yard all by itself

Foxes are basically little dogs combined with some cat. It makes for the perfect balance.

Release the Directors cut

I wish.

MRW my alarm goes off and I feel like I just closed my eyes...

Just a waste, feel like I didn’t even sleep.

Bears TE Trey Burton was originally tabbed to throw the trick play “Oompa Loompa”...

Trey Burton couldn't sleep after the Bears installed the play before the Patriots game in October.

Rex Tillerson on Trump: ‘Undisciplined,’ ‘doesn’t like to read’ and tries to do illegal...

Rex Tillerson came a little bit closer Thursday to saying what he actually thinks of President Trump.

Some R-rated Muppet action from “The Happytime Murders”

What's unsettling is the green Chroma-Key hand makes it look like Kermit is trying to get in on a 3-way.

The reason why was because there was a trade, that’s why he wanted to...

Interesting stuff, coming from a guy who would know. It might not have been logical, but I get why he would feel that way, and it worked out for him.

Whole salmon nailed to wooden boards and flame grilled at Christmas market in Germany

It's called Flammlachs (flame-salmon) and it's super delicious .

Bullet spinning on ice

Bay blade bay blade let it rip.


I didn't like Youtube Rewind 2018.

No no, that’s mine!

What is it?

Gay for chicken

Do gay people have to get their chicken wings at Popeyes because they are not allowed inside Churchs.

Arena companion never stops to amaze me

I mean this makes perfect sense to me. Normaly it would pick mark of the wild because you already have an acolyte. But since you already have a second mark of the wild aswell the question is, what is it better to have 2 copies of in the deck. It suggest it is better to pick another acolyte than a second mark. Sure the wording is a bit wonky cause it's pregenerated but it makes perfect sense.

Kyrie Irving long hair vs short hair

Now he just needs to go bald to reach his final form.

Loaded Waffle Fries

Gimme some waffle fries.

Stop buying crap, and companies will stop making crap

Reporters investigating the brand's supply chains found a trail of human-rights violations-from below minimum wage pay to being forced to work 57 hours a week to hit production targets-which may have dissuaded some women from buying the clothes.