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Bartender idea

So stressful watching this.

Aura, 4 months old. She’s gonne be huge

Strong eyebrow game. Perfect tuxedo. She's ready for the purrty.


I’m sorry, that must’ve been really hard.

The 7 hour 20 minute game 3 of the 2018 World Series lasted longer...

After dropping the first two games of the 2018 World Series at Fenway Park, the National League champions outlasted the Boston Red Sox for a 3-2 Game 3 win at Dodger Stadium on Friday night behind a walk-off solo home run from Max Muncy in the 18th inning of the longest game in MLB postseason history.

This girl didn’t know what she was in for

That will vibrate your ear wax.

You gotta let them in smash

Lemme Smash Becky.

Dio – Holy Diver

Is it that time of the month again? Time really flies.

Shards of “Glass” Cake

Wow what a great and but a little creepy cake with bloody heart.

Ash makes a cameo in Captain Tsubasa

Wow, it’s not even subtle.

In Massachusetts, nearly 5% of people over 11 abuse opioids. The study found that...

FRIDAY, Oct. 26, 2018 - In another distressing snapshot of the opioid epidemic gripping America, a new study reports that nearly 5 percent of older children and adults in Massachusetts have an opioid use disorder.

Active shooter reported at Pitfsburgh synagogue

Google Police in the US are responding to reports of a gunman entering a synagogue in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, and opening fire, US media report.

Name is always wrong

This makes me sick, like actually upsets my stomach thinking that some one ate this.

Alien abduction

Reposti so many times the cow has been returned.

If You have a puppy, You always feels that you are not alone !

Love the little blooper at the end.

The one that got away

Her father must have been a Koala bear. Notorious for eating bush and leaves.

22 pitches. 2 on. 2 outs. 2-2 count. Score is Red Sox: 2, Dodgers:...

Just wait for the 22nd Inning.

Steph Curry approves of Knicks’ Frank “Niggalina”

Someone please alert JJ Redick that this is NOT the correct pronunciation.

NFL keeps teasing London with the possibility of its own team

Every year at this time, prominent voices in the NFL suggest that London eventually could have its own franchise.