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Khris Davis Demolishes Boring Baseball Game !

I like the whole "Shooting the helmet like a basketball thing".

Tie tools r geigh

His mind was blown.

McCain says he regrets picking Palin as running mate

Sen. John McCain said he regrets choosing former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin to be his running mate during the 2008 presidential campaign.

Ramen frozen at -30°C

How long did someone hold it there to freeze? worth it though.

Mr Gaben, I don’t feel 2GD

I think you have reached the meme nirvana, pack it up boys it will never get better then this.


I bet at night it looks like he's floating around the yard.

Christian Hackenberg changed throwing motion without telling team

FLORHAM PARK, N.J. - Christian Hackenberg has apparently made major changes to his throwing motion in an attempt to revitalize his stalled NFL career.

Hmmmmm okay then

Its hard for me to talk about but ever since i shattered my kneecap when i was hit by a car, i forgot whether i was a man or a woman.

Face/Off Is the Best Most Ridiculous 90s Action Movie

Legendary Hong Kong action director John Woo just released a new movie, Manhunt, which dropped on Netflix this week to mixed reviews and almost zero publicity.

LeBron on the difficulty of his game winner: “Don’t try it at home.”

The hits just keep on comin’ with every refresh.

OG Anunoby ties it with 8 seconds remaining – ABC

Lebron is gonna break their hearts now with their luck.

Gambino – This is America

That was good.

The depth on this tattoo makes it look 3-D

That is one hell of a talented tattoo artist.

Semi truck, nearly $1 million in cancer drugs stolen at Tennessee truck stop

GILES COUNTY, Tenn.-The Giles County Sheriff's Office reports nearly $1 million of cancer drugs were stolen with a semi truck on Thursday.

Shots fired!

Maybe I’m an easily-pleased mouthbreather, but #NoWayJose was a fuckin’ SOLID hashtag.

Kuznetsov goes five-hole on Murray to tie the game up at 3

What the fuck was Letang doing.

Eller scores an empty netter to *definitely* ice it

You gotta be happy for Eller. He's really found his place to shine in Washington.

Alan Turing’s chemistry hypothesis turned into a desalination filter

One area where Turing himself applied the concept is in chemistry, and he published a paper describing how a single chemical reaction could create complex patterns like stripes if certain conditions are met.


Her male accomplice must be right behind me, ready to knock me out with a blackjack and take my wallet.