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Josh Gordon won’t be back by Tuesday, but Browns making sure deadline won’t hurt...

CLEVELAND, Ohio - Josh Gordon won't be back by Tuesday's deadline to be eligible to receive an accrued season in 2018, but the Browns won't let it hurt his free agency status, a league source told cleveland.com.


Why are the image’s corners not curved.

John Tavares got married yesterday

I wonder if he had pictures of her on his bedsheets when he was a boy.

Derrick Rose – “Why can’t I be MVP of the league?”

And for everyone making their smartass comments, he already succeeded...nothing lasts forever.

Two patties, cheese, lettuce and BACON JAM

Is that a fucking English muffin?

Ants building bridge to attack wasp nest

Ok, but like, why didn’t they just walk over there? It wasn’t exactly miles away. Maybe I shouldn’t question ant’s logic. They ARE professionals.

Oh man this fish is out to get him!

I couldn’t help but think the fish was going to bite his dick at first.

Scientists stunned as medical non-profit group abruptly ends research grants – The US-based March...

A major US non-profit group focused on improving child health has abruptly terminated US$3 million in research grants - leaving nearly 40 scientists confused, angry and scrambling to secure new funding.

Setting off a bath bomb inside a vacuum chamber

What happened at the end? What set off the collapse?

Make America Lactate Again

I say "Girl do you want to see my average sized BLACK dick" to hoes all the time.

When Now York guys hear the violin

That guy is amazing with the violin.

TIL of Anthony Young, former Mets pitcher who had 77 appearances between May 6th,...

Long before the win became the most universally derided statistic in baseball, there was New York Mets pitcher Anthony Young.

Josh Gordon may end up an exclusive-rights free agent next year, too

Browns receiver Josh Gordon entered the NFL via the supplemental draft more than six years ago.


Omg, Nintendo thought of what they thought of long before they thought of it, despite what everyone thought.

Friends for over 10 years!

Sad to be the bearer of bad news, but Leo the lion died in 2016. But the keepers say that they have been extra cautious with the bear and tiger, and give them extra attention and enrichment to help with their friend's passing. They do great work at Noah's Ark sanctuary!

An Interesting Title

That went 0 to Tim Burton in 2 seconds.

Joel Embiid getting bit by a lion

Trust the process. Next week he will wake up with super cat speed and be MVP this year.

Trump’s Supreme Court nominee argued presidents should be shielded from all criminal probes —...

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