Pokecord Credits

“The worst thing a kid can say about homework is that it is too hard.

The worst thing a kid can say about a game is it’s too easy.”

The world is literally a huge web of computers and the internet that brings everyone together in one place where people of common interests can interact without getting interrupted.

So many things have been made easy by computers over the decades and the internet has offered so much to mankind that is really difficult to imagine.


And one such thing that got introduced to mankind with the help of computers and the internet is video games.

Yup! Video games! We can see the shine in your eyes after hearing video games.

Oh, don’t worry, we are not judging you for that. In fact, we can totally relate to your passion, craze, and interest in video games. So much so that we are here to talk about one such insanely famous video game with you.

The Pokecord!

So, you can be a new gamer. Or you can be an old gamer. There are chances that you heard about this video game before. There are chances that you might don’t know anything about it.

Well, whatever the probabilities are, after reading this whole good read, you won’t just become a pro in Pokecord but if you haven’t played this game yet, you will be forced to play it.


Why so? Well you have to find that out after reading all the information given below and before that, here is a glimpse of the knowledge you are about to gain!

What are pokecords?
How to use pokecords?
Pokecord Server
Play with Pokemon commands
Beginners commands
Market trading commands
Bot commands
Pokebot discord commands
Common commands
General commands
Pokecords Commands

Did we forget to mention that there are so many more details  and commands related to pokecrod?

We know it’s difficult for you to resist yourself from reading this hub of information anymore. Then just come along and grab all the details yourself.

Cause It’s A World Of Games And Gamers!

So? What’s the most important thing a gamer must know about his favorite video game? 

The commands. All kinds of different commands for various uses.

And while we’ll be telling you, step by step, each and every command of pokecord in detail, we first need to understand the game a little bit for all of our new gamers and those who are new in the world of pokecord.


Here’s what you need to know;

  • What are Pokecords?

Pokecord is a game that is engaging, interactive and keeps you glued to the screen with the fun and entertainment it provides.

It is basically an interactive bot that allows the gamer to trade, battle catch and do many more things using its various commands.

This game helps you catch pokemons, as the name suggests, in super detailed form. An easy and interesting game with a little different concept that makes it most favourable and a worldwide popular game.

What is that easy concept?

Now you must be wondering about the concept of the game, right? How to play it? How can it be simple yet engaging? 

You must have seen the pokemon cartoon. How did the owners of the pokemons used to select a particular pokemon and then throw its ball in the air for the pokemon to come out?

Well, here in this game, the balls are thrown automatically or you can say a bot is there to do this job via a designated channel in a particular discord.


Oh, then what the gamer has to do? How do they play the game? What part do they play here?

You know what? Reader? The twist here is that you get to see the image of the Pokemon but the name is kept hidden.

And now, it’s the job of the gamer to recognise the name of the pokemon as early as possible because whoever did that first, gets to keep the pokemon.

And yes! If you know the names of all the pokemons and you are the first one to guess them, then you are surely going to rock the game by getting the most numbers of pokemons.

What an interesting game! 

With our favourite childhood cartoon. We want to play it now. But how? 

We know all these questions are going to-and-fro in your mind right now.

Well, here’s your guide to know more about this game so that you can play it without pausing, waiting and guessing.

  • How to use Pokecord?

Video games usually don’t come with a manual. Do they? Maybe a little bit of information on how to use them is given there, but that’s not enough for a gamer.

We need detailed information. On everything, right?

How to play them? What software will support this particular game? Which application is required and what other necessities are there that should be fulfilled so that we can play our favourite game without any interruption?


Afterall, who has the patience to wait for a day or two to play their game when they have already bought it?

Well, to prevent our readers from facing such delays and patience tests, here’s the information on how to use pokecrod. Have a look!

What you need to have is a discord server that has the bot installed in it. After making sure you have it, head towards the member list of the server where you will see the Pokecord BOT.

Once you reach there, you will need to use a command to begin with the game. The command is “p! start”, after inserting this command, you will be able to pick your starter pokemon.

Voila! It’s that simple and easy! Just like we told you, isn’t it?

Now, are you ready to explore a hub of commands for pokecord? 

We know you are, so just come along with us and continue your journey of pokecord credits.

Never-Ending Commands and Moves!

So, now you know what pokecord is and how to use it. Tell us, reader, what’s the first thing that will come to your mind when you buy, install or download a game? How to play it, right?

And we just told you that now we are beginning with telling you some common, some popular and some new commands of pokecord credits.

What’s the first command that you or any other gamer would love to know? Would love to find out and try?

You don’t know the answer? 

Well, we do! And so, here are your Play with Pokemon Commands, check out below because this is something you should not miss.

 But before doing that, here’s a list of things that you need to keep in mind;

  1. It is default or necessary to have the “p!” in front of all your commands.
  2. Some servers might have changed this default setting with some other alphabet, you can always check that before starting your game.
  3. Since “p!” is the default font of any command, we are using it in all of our commands mentioned below for you.

You can check if and what your servers use instead of “p!” and can use that front instead of this default front command.

We have already stated how you can reach the game. Let’s have a look at it step by step with the help of commands.

  • As you know, to enter into the game you have to use the ‘p!start’ command. This command must be used first even before you can catch any of the pokemons.
  • When you will be done with your very first command, after starting the game, the next command that you have to use is ‘p!pick’, because after starting off the game, you will be asked to pick your first or starter pokemon.

After putting this command, you will be able to pick any of the starter pokemons from all of the generations available.

  • If you need any help or information, you are not allowed to message the bot for that. In such a case, I have to use the help command and enter it in the pokecord supported discord channel.

And the help command for you is ‘p!help’. you already guessed it, didn’t you? 

Well, don’t you find these commands easy and catchy?

Although there are many more important commands coming for you that will pave your way in being an expert in the game, knowing that it will not be a big task to remember the commands must have given you a sense of relief.

Well, let us remind you that those were the easiest and beginning commands. There’s a lot more to this game that you have to see and learn.

So, without wasting any time, let’s continue with discussing some major commands with you now. Get excited and keep reading!

Market Trading Commands

We know we have jumped on your favourite part of the game and you are unable to hold back your excitement.


So, just bring out a notepad and write down all these market trading commands that we are about to spill for you because market trading is one of the most fun-packed parts of the game.

But first, tell us something reader, do you know what is market trading in pokecord? And why is it so exciting or important?

The market allows you to sell and purchase pokemons. Woah! That is literally something that gives you a choice to add your favourite or most liked pokemons and remove the ones you don’t like at all.

And how do you sell pokemons? With credits!

You can purchase new pokemons with the credits you have earned and the credits can be earned by duelling or selling your caught pokemon.

How exciting!

And now, have a look below, use these commands and become an expert in trading pokemons.

  • If you want to know the amount of credits you have for trading your command is ‘p!bal’.
  • To see the market ‘p!market search <page number>’ is the command that you have to enter.
  • If you want to search the market, the command that is required is

‘p!market search <page number> <search options> <order options>’

  • Now since you are exploring the market, you would like to know the details of the pokemon you should buy. And for that you need the ‘p!market view <pokemon ID>’ command to get the information of the pokemon.
  • Do you know that if you are unable to buy a pokemon because of lack of credits or any other reason, you can opt for an alternative?

And for that, you need another command, here your alternative pokemon command; ‘p!market info <pokemon ID>’

  • To list the pokemon in the market your command is ‘P!market list <pokemon number> <price>
  • Since you have chosen or selected the pokemon you liked in the market. Here are the commands that you need now;

‘p!confirm buy’ and then ‘p!market buy <pokemon ID>

And in case you have to cancel the pokemon use ‘p!canckebuy’ in that case.

  • To remove the pokemon from the market ‘p!market remove <pokemon ID> is the command that will follow your lead.
  • To display the pokemon you have listed on the market use the command ‘p!market listings <page Number> and your work will be done.

This was a complete list of the market commands that a person playing pokecord will require. So, how does it feel to get all of them together?


Also, reader, you don’t have to add “< >” these in your commands. we used them just to specify the command you have to make.

You have to leave spaces in between the commands where we used “< >” these and then have to enter the command so that your command can be completed.

Don’t forget this while reading all the more upcoming commands on pokecords that are listed below.

Since we are talking about market and trading let’s have a look at some more trading commands.

Some most common and useful Trading Commands

Before learning the trading commands, you must know when, where and why to use them, right? There must be a reason why these commands are created and we are discussing them with you.

Well, the reason is again buying and selling of the pokemons for your personal collection and for your personal collection.

And to do that using these commands, you don’t have to go to the market, instead you have to trade them with some other pokecord player.

It’s like exchanging pokemons from other players in exchange for pokemons or credits. Well, this sounds like a barter system and is pretty cool.

Now let’s find out the commands that will help us in trading pokemons with other players.

  • To begin a trade with someone first you have to insert the ‘p!trade @user’ command and then the person you are trading with either has to give the ’p!accept’ command if they want to trade with you as well and the ‘p!deny’ command if they don’t want to trade with you.
  • Now you have to provide your trade offer and for that you have to choose pokemons. You can choose one or more than one pokemon by giving the ‘p!p add <pokemon numbers>’ command.

Don’t forget to put space in between the numbers of different pokemons if you are choosing multiple pokemon to trade.

  • If you have accidentally added the pokemons you don’t want to trade, don’t worry! Just use the ‘p!p remove <pokemon numbers>’ command and get your work done.

Don’t forget to follow the same number advice that is given above, in this case as well if you have to remove multiple pokemons.

  • Now you have to add the required credits to make your trade offer successful. The command for this step is ‘p!c add <amount>’.
  • Here also, you can choose to remove credits if you have added more than required credits or if you are making any changes in your trade. And for that, you must use ‘p!c remove <amount>’ command.
  • You can confirm the whole trade deal or you can cancel it by using the commands respectively;



Try these commands to find out how good a trader you are and how steps have you climbed on the ladder of learning pokecords.

Now you must be wondering what is the topic of our next command list. Come along and find it out yourself.


Some Order Options Commands

Now what are these commands? What are they used for? We are pretty sure you are unable to guess the exact answer on what these commands are, by looking at its heading.

Don’t worry, we’ll help you know everything about it as well and that too in detail.

These commands are basically used for ordering the pokemon by its whatever feature you like. For example; you can order pokemons by alphabet, number iv, or levels.

This is the easiest and most convenient way to order the pokemon you are looking for or the one you like.

And here are the commands that will help you to proceed towards the ordering options.

  • To order results by pokemon options, your command is ‘- -order id ascending/descending’.
  • If you want to order results by the pokemon levels, you have to put the ‘- -order lvl ascending/descending’ command.
  • If you have to order the results by price, your command is ‘- -order price ascending/descending’.
  • For ordering by the sum of the pokemon’s IVs, the command you have to insert is ‘- -order iv ascending/descending’.
  • And lastly, if you are ordering the results by name, here is the command that you need ‘- -order name ascending/descending.

You can simply put a or d instead of typing whole ascending or descending if you wish to save your time and energy.

Also, reader, here’s another important thing for you to know. We are using the single inverted commas in the commands for your easy understanding of the commands.

Remember that you don’t have to use the single inverted commas (‘ ‘), while giving the commands.

Any guesses which set of commands are coming your way? 

Another important command of the game oh which your whole pokecord is based on, the BOT commands.

Some Bot Commands

First have a look at the commands so that you can understand why you need them and what they are used for.


Then we will further explain to you about both commands, if required. Okay? Great!

  • Your command if you are wanting to read some general information about the bot is ‘p!botinfo’.
  • If you want to give an invite link to the bot your command will be ‘p!invite’.
  • Thinking of making some donations to the bot for its support? Use the ‘p!donate’ command.
  • Have to send a link to the bot’s patronage page and look for its command? Here it is ‘p!patreon’.
  • And then you need to send an invite to the bot’s official server by using ‘p!server’.
  • Did you just get banned from the official server? You want to get unbanned but don’t know how to?

Don’t worry because there’s command for this attempt as well. But remember, you can use it to get unbanned from the official server only. And the command is ‘appeal’.

Well, these commands basically connect you with the bot of your pokecord game. So basically, these are like official commands of the game. You don’t need to use them regularly or frequently. But knowing them is equally important so that you can ask for help from the bot.

Woah! It feels like we are in a world of commands and attempts, isn’t it? and on that note, let us inform you that more commands are waiting to be discovered by you. so, continue reading.

Pokecord Server

And now is the time for you to know some pokecord official server commands. well, these commands will let you do certain things your way and will also let you change a few things in case you don’t like them.

  • For enabling or disabling level up alerts you have to use ‘p!levelup enable/disable’ command.
  • If you want your pokemon to swamp in a certain or different channel, the command you have to use is ‘p!predict <channel name>’ this.
  • If you have to enable or disable the p! commands in the channel where you are currently in, the command that you need is ‘p!channel enable/disable’ this one.
  • You can use this command if you want to enable the swamps in the channels again ‘p!redirect disable’.
  • If you don’t like or want the ‘p!’ in front of your every other command, you can change it using the server prefix. The command required to do the job is ‘p!prefix <prefix>’.

You have to insert your desired prefix in there.

  • You receive swamp messages when a pokemon is caught. If you don’t want them, you can use this command to disable them or to enable them again in the future. ‘p!clearswamps enable/disable’.

One by one you are learning all the important commands of the game. Congrats on that and don’t worry because soon you will learn all the easy and not so important commands as well, just make sure that you have become an expert in the game!

Most Common Favorite List Commands

And now is the time to know some common and favourite list of pokecord commands. These commands are used to see your ‘favourites list’ and the things you have inside of it.

  • To view the list of your favourite pokemons, give out the ‘p!fav’ command.
  • If you don’t like a pokemon or you just want to remove it from your favourites list you have to use the remove command which is ‘p!removefave <pokemon number>’.
  • Well, just like you can remove a pokemon from your favourites list, you can add them too, by using ‘p!addfav <pokemon number>’ command.

Another simple yet useful set of commands. Moving on next we have is

Some Useful General Commands

Let’s learn some general commands that are useful to know.

  • In case you have a redeem available, to receive the pokemon of the name you have entered, you need to put in the ‘p!redeem <pokemon name>’ command.
  • Do you know that you can receive 100 to 250 credits every 12 hours? How? By voting for the pokecord server on the discord bot’s site. And the commands that help you in voting are ‘p!daily’. try it out and make your game a lot more amazing and credit generating.
  • You can sell your redeem back to the bot and get 15,000 credits in exchange by using the ‘p!redeem credits’ command.
  • Annoyed with all the alerts you get while playing? What to shut them off? Specially the messages you get when you chat in servers that have pokecord which sends you alert. Well your wish is granted and you have a command to mute all these messages and alerts by using the ‘p!silence’ command.

There is so much fun in knowing everything about your favourite game, right gamer? Guessing what’s coming up next for you?


Come and let’s have a look together.

Some Basic or Beginners Commands

Here is a list of some basic commands that are useful for the beginners. They don’t come under a particular command category.

So, understand them properly and then use them freely.

  • How to view my pokemon? By using ‘p!pokemon’ and ‘p!order’ commands.
  • How to level up your pokemon? By using the following commands one by one;
  1. ‘p!pokemon – – name <pokemon name>’
  2. ‘p!select – – <pokemon number>
  3. ‘p!info’
  • How to catch a pokemon?

‘p!catch <pokemon name>’


Another group of commands covered. Well done gamer, you are now very close to be crowned as the expert in the pokecord game.

Let’s quickly update you with the remaining commands as well.

Defeating Commands

Now what are defeating commands? and what are they used for?

Defeating commands are used in duels, if you are battling with your friends. You can use these commands while duelling and can earn extra points or credits for yourself.

poke mon
  • To challenge a discord user, use ‘p!duel <@username>’ command.
  • To accept challenges, use ‘p!accept’ command.
  • For battling with your friends using pokemon the command that you need is ‘p!select <pokemon number>’.
  • If you want your pokemon to perform or learn new moves, you have to display them. And for that, the command required is ‘p!moves’.
  • For selecting a new move you wish to learn, put the ‘p!learn <move>’ command.
  • Then, to use the move you want your pokemon to perform, you have to insert ‘p!move <use number>’ command.
  • You can replace the existing moves with some new moves that you want to learn by simply giving out the ‘p!replace <number>’ command.

It’s nice to see that you have so many replacement options in the pokecord. And now, brace yourself because we are moving onto our very last set of commands. Have a look to know what it is all about.

Pokebot Discord Commands

Another list of commands that has so many different varieties of functions and uses.

  • To ping the bot your command is ‘pb!ping’.
  • How stats look in the pokedex command and to see the list of possibilities, your command I ‘pb!stats’
  • To identify a picture of the pokemon the command that is required is ‘pb!identify’.
  • Information on basic usage and current prefix and to help you with pokedex commands, the command ‘pb!pokedex’ is used.
  • To have the list of every pokemon on the pokecord database, using ‘pb!pd’ will help.
  • To list every Alolan pokemon in the database of the game, use ‘pb!pb alola’ command.
  • For the list of every mega evolution in the game using command ‘pb!pb mega’ will help.
  •  If you want to return a list of available colours to search, put ‘pb!colour’ command. And if you have to return a list full of pokemon with that colour, using ‘pb!colour <colour’ command will help.
  • To return a list full of abilities of pokemon, using ‘pb!ability’ will be used.
  • For returning a list of categories of pokemons, use the ‘pb!category’ command.
  • If you want to return a particular pokemon from the list of categories, command ‘pb!category <category>’ will do the job.

And with that, our lists, sets and groups or commands ends and so does your journey of knowing this game from inch to inch.

Congratulations reader, you just finished grabbing all the information on the pokecord and now you are officially a pro at it.


There are uncountable numbers of commands in the world of video games. You just now received all the commands required to play pokecord. Every command has its own value, space, and importance in the game and if you want to be a true gamer, getting to know all of the commands is your duty.

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