8 hours of driving and no sleep for a night spent under clear dark skies

8 hours of driving and no sleep for a night spent under clear dark skies

I’ve been wanting to visit Spruce Knob National Recreation Area in West Virginia for a few months now, but everytime the new moon came around it seemed to always be cloudy.
This week I checked the forecast and I saw that it was supposed to be clear there on Tuesday and then cloudy and rainy for the rest of the forecast, so I decided to go for the long 4 and half hour drive there and hope the forecast pans out.
I got to Spruce Knob Lake around 11:30pm which was about 2 hours before the Milky Way started to rise and I set up a timelapse which went on until the morning and then I drove up to the top of the mountain to watch the Milky Way rise and hopefully get some nice pictures but it was extremely windy so I drove back to the lake and took many stills and few panoramas until 5:30am which was astronomical twilight and then after getting all the gear back to the car I drove back home and walked around like a zombie for the rest of the day.

This image is one of about 1200 frames that I captured for timelapse, which I’m working on now.

Settings: Sony A7s, Sigma 14mm f/1.8, 15s, 8000iso.


What would this look like with the naked eye? Can you actually see the milky way? (Been living my whole life in a light polluted area.)


Interesting how there appears to be star trails in the reflection


How long is a king e posture to get something like this?


Its photos like this that made me get into photography and recently buy a cheap DSLR 🙂


I’m a member of the galaxy s10 subreddit where people are posting tons of mediocre photos with captions expressing some sort of awe. I’ve scrolled past so many over the last few days that I’m just trained to think every photo is from a galaxy phone, so when I saw this my first thought was ‘what the fuuuuuck.’

Needless to say, amazing photo.


Man these remastered Skyrim’s are starting to look so real!


I’ve never seen anything like this… astonishing


Could do with a naked eye equivalent. My brain knows the sky doesn’t look like this, unfortunately.


One of those things that really makes you Owen Wilson “wow”