Last year i saw something standing completely still in the sky for a long time. Had to take a look with my telescope, turned out to be a balloon from Andøya Space Center

My bad, i looked at the e-mail i sent to Andøya Space Center. It came from Kiruna. These balloons weigh several tonnes. It’s 300-400 meters from top to bottom. They also somehow take them down after a few days.


I would love to see the comparison of rates of UFO sightings over the years vs development of camera technology. The people at the History Channel were probably the quickest to click on your thumbnail.


I remember wheh I was young there was something weird in the sky, since me and my nephew were young we were joking around saying ‘glitch!’ ‘That’s a glitch’

Than after a while we were legit thinking wtf is that, if it’s a glitch what the hell!


I imagine that could freak you out a little bit if you had no optics to see it more clearly.


I saw one if these too! I have some pictures somewhere in my post history. Very cool to see through the telescope.


Great piece of declassified information was released on a project called DragNet.


Nice! 20 years ago, this would have produced another UFO hoax, but with cameras like yours, we can get nice images of these “UFOs”


No man no… it is the brain wasting talking. That is obviously a UFO with little grey aliens in there that come to save us from the lizard people.