My 10 hour exposure of the Prawn nebula

My 10 hour exposure of the Prawn nebula

Imagine being a whole nebula and being named after a shrimp.


The colors are so vibrant! beautiful picture, I bet you’re proud!!


Looks great to me but I know nothing about astrophotography. All I know is that I would need a couple car batteries to power my a7r ii for 10 hours haha.


Dude you good work! Just checked out your insta and website……whew really good. I’m just now literally dipping my toes into astrophotography.


Am I just tired or does it look like it’s getting closer.


Truly marvellous, wow!

Forgive my inexperience but how does a 10 hrs long exposure even work? How does the lens stay focused and also how does the camera rotate to keep looking at the object? How does this not blur everything? Either way wow!


Just want to say great job on this! I appreciate good imagery and the process of how it was captured. Really love the details and how clean it is. No grain at all!


This is beautiful, thank you. Prior to your capture here I had never heard of this nebula. Now I will never forget it.


I know nothing about astrophotography so forgive this question. How much of those colors are from post-processing?