Experts agree that global heating of 4C by 2100 is a real possibility. The...

Sea levels will be perhaps two metres higher and, more worryingly, we will be well on our way to an ice-free world, having passed the tipping points for the Greenland and west Antarctic ice sheets, committing us to at least 10 metres of sea-level rise in coming centuries.

40 years ago today, Viking 2 took this iconic image of frost on Mars

Hard to believe that that was 40 years ago. I remember seeing this image when it came out, as a kid (7 at the time), and I was just amazed.

Bias-based bullying among youth increases when controversial voter referendums arouse divisive political discourse and...

Bias-based bullying among youth increases when controversial voter referendums arouse divisive political discourse and receive polarizing media coverage before a statewide election, according to a new study.

Artificial Intelligence Accelerates Development of Limitless Fusion Energy

Artificial intelligence, a branch of computer science that is transforming scientific inquiry and industry, could now speed the development of safe, clean and virtually limitless fusion energy for generating electricity.

It Took 1,060 Hours to Capture This Stunning 204 Megapixel Photo of the Galaxy.

Is there any sort of digital manipulation by man on this? This isn't just raw imagery right?

I Took a 1.5 Hour Timelapse of Jupiter Rotating With Io & Ganymede In...

This is absolutely incredible thank you so much for sharing! I might need to find myself a telescope because wow! ...does anybody know what a good cheap telescope is?

10,000-Year-Old Chewing Gum Found To Contain DNA From Ancient Scandinavians

You can't pull off adhering gum to the underside of your school work area any longer, as analysts from Stockholm University have built up a strategy to investigate the DNA in dried-out biting gum so as to figure out who bit it.

Starlink: How SpaceX’s 12,000-satellite internet network will work

SEE ALSO: SpaceX confirmed that its Crew Dragon spaceship for NASA was 'destroyed' by a recent test.

Wealth inequality in the United States has increased dramatically since the 1980s, with a...

This article reviews the recent literature on the dynamics of global wealth inequality.

What if scientists, not politicians, called the shots on climate policy

Right or center, politicians tend to view climate change as a political issue rather than in a logical, technical manner - limiting policy solutions to short-sighted, ideologically-driven approaches.

Can in drain cleaner!!!

This is fucking interesting.

Cannabis may have had high origins, with a new analysis of ancient pollen suggesting...

Where the plant comes from has been a bit of a mystery, but analysis of ancient pollen now suggests it evolved some 3 kilometres above sea level on the Tibetan Plateau.

Unknown dark object appears to have ripped a hole in the Milky Way

An enormous "Something" appears to have torn a hole in part of the Milky Way's halo.

Extreme low-carb diet may speed aging and dull cognition, Japanese team’s study on mice...

Continuing an extreme low-carbohydrate diet stringently for a long time may accelerate aging and lead to a shorter life span, according to a recent study by a group of Japanese scientists.

Octopuses May Go Blind As Climate Change Sucks Oxygen Out of the Ocean

According to a recent study in the Journal of Experimental Biology, the amount of oxygen available to marine invertebrates like squids, crabs and octopuses may be far more important to their vision than previously thought.

Fire, Alcohol and Oxygen in a Bottle in Super Slow Mo

Hey there! Shot this on a Phantom Flex 2k at 802fps. Thought you all might find it interesting!

Last year i saw something standing completely still in the sky for a long...

My bad, i looked at the e-mail i sent to Andøya Space Center. It came from Kiruna. These balloons weigh several tonnes. It’s 300-400 meters from top to bottom. They also somehow take them down after a few days.

Bedbugs Scurried the Earth Alongside the Dinosaurs 100 Million Years Ago

A new study from an international team of researchers finds that bedbugs evolved about 100 million years ago, when dinosaurs still ruled the Earth, making them twice as old as entomologists had previously believed.