How Inuit Parents Teach Kids To Control Their Anger

How Inuit Parents Raise Kids Without Yelling - And Teach Them To Control Anger : Goats and Soda At the top of the world, the Inuit culture has developed a sophisticated way to sculpt kids' behavior without yelling or scolding.

This footage from Saturn is surreal

Pretty darn cool! I like the change in the pole. The video feels lije a 60s clip but is so focused. I wonder what 2020s will bring us?

Older people can come to believe their own lies – New EEG research shows...

What happens when older adults lie? A new study suggests that in as little as 45 minutes they can come to believe it's the truth.

With all this Mars talk, here’s a reminder of Dr. Robert Zubrin’s brilliant answer...

I love this. My Dad is a stubborn Marine (not a bad thing) but he doesn’t think space exploration is worth it. I told him to watch this video and he said “that guy is weird but he has some good points”. I visited a few months later and he told me to show my uncle the video, my Dad will never admit it but this video swayed his opinion.

A giant rhino that may have been the origin of the unicorn myth survived...

A giant rhino that may have been the origin of the unicorn myth survived until at least 39,000 years ago - much longer than previously thought.

Greater belief in oneness was linked to regarding others as members of one’s own...

Despite the prevalence of this belief, there has been a lack of a well validated measure in psychology that captures this belief.

Luminol and hydrogen peroxide

Yum! Nuka Cola Quantum!

Teams Working to Recover Floating Falcon 9 Rocket off Cape Canaveral

While Dragon CRS-16 heads to a Saturday rendezvous with the International Space Station, laden with over 5,600 pounds of science experiments and supplies, SpaceX has been busy working to secure their floating Falcon 9 rocket, which launched Dragon flawlessly but missed its landing target back on Cape Canaveral Air Force Station's 'Landing Zone-1'.

Graduate School Can Have Terrible Effects on People’s Mental Health: Ph.D. candidates suffer from...

What's more, roughly 13 percent of Ph.D. recipients graduate with more than $70,000 in education-related debt, though in the humanities the percentage is about twice that.

Parents who force unremorseful kids to apologize to others before they’re truly sorry may...

That's because the point main point of an apology-to express remorse and repair relationships-is lost because children may dislike the apologizer even more after the insincere apology than before.

Gut bacteria may offer a treatment for autism

Subject mice were left in the container for ten minutes and were monitored to see how long they spent with the empty cup and with the other mouse.

Antibiotic-resistant bacteria found on space station toilet. Though astronauts are not in any immediate...

That's as true in space as it is on Earth, and while we've known that microbial astronauts are present on the International Space Station, one group of researchers has just found a new reason to worry about them.

Venus seen during sunset

The next time this will be visible from Earth is in 2117, I think.

America’s Love–Hate Relationship with Science: Our leaders want the benefits of science while denying...

We live in an age of extreme cognitive dissonance in regard to science in America.

Harvard study finds that children who start school early more likely to get ADHD...

Harvard University researchers have found that children who start school up to a year sooner than many of their peers are more likely to be diagnosed with ADHD - even if they don't really have the condition.

Brilliant footage of Europa/Io/Titan from Cassini spacecraft during its flyby of Jupiter

Is there a third moon in there that I’m missing?

Inverted fire tornado inside of a bubble

That’s beautiful. Anyone have an eli5?