Capitals have re-signed defenseman Nick Jensen to a four-year, $10 million contract extension

The Washington Capitals have re-signed defenseman Nick Jensen to a four-year, $10 million contract extension, with an average annual value of $2.5 million, senior vice president and general manager Brian MacLellan announced today.

Trae Young dribbles through his legs to fake out 2 defenders and delivers a...

This the type of shit to make you bust a nut.

DeMar Derozan 360 layup | ESPN

He definitely practices this.

Brady Tkachuk gives Duchene a couple shoves, Duchene chuckles as he heads off the...

I thought Duchene would look weird in a blue jackets jersey but it’s quite the opposite actually.

Javale McGee has hired Laker’s Ball boy to be his personal hype-man in the...

Lonzo seems so quiet but he’s a funny dude.

DeMar DeRozan: “I don’t regret it. What I felt, it was real. You could...

This quote and the way he says it is actually enough to get me emotional. DeMar knows how to pull at your heartstrings.

Charles Barkley on people telling Zion Williamson not to play: “When did we get...

I'd rather those scholarships go to kids who want to or need to go to college. Let the players earn money in the NBA while they can.

Joe Thornton trolling Patric Hörnqvist

Lol at his playing it off innocent "wtf did I do?!" kinda reaction.

Tyler Eifert: Injury-prone label “tough” because I couldn’t prevent “pretty freak injuries”

Bengals tight end Tyler Eifert posted a workout video this week that showed he's made good progress in his recovery from last year's broken ankle with the start of free agency drawing closer.

Don Nelson asked what he’s been doing after basketball: “I’ve been smoking some pot.”

I’m loving Don’s look. The chain and the all-black. Fly as hell.

Jordy Nelson on criticism of Packers’ Aaron Rodgers: ‘The same people’ saying ‘the same...

GREEN BAY - Jordy Nelson isn't exactly sure why a couple of his former Green Bay Packers teammates seem to make news on a semi-regular basis by publicly criticizing Aaron Rodgers.

Curry DESTROYS the rim and loses his mind

The dunking Curry era.

LeBron hammers it in the 4th | TNT


Chuck goes in on Jussie Smollett

Im pretty sure someone on the production team shouted “STOP” after that Liam Neeson joke. Chuck is forever a GOAT.

Its been about 12 years since doctors used cold therapy to save Kevin Everett

On the ride to the hospital, Cappuccino began cold therapy treatment.

Fan at Tampa-Buffalo game samples discarded salts

Lmao this is gold.