Trevor Bauer, on MLB Network, breaks himself down getting owned by Manny Machado

Wow that was way more entertaining than I thought Bauer on MLB Network would be. For all the complaining he does at least he's self aware and can be honest about himself too.

Gifted woman with Marlins man?

I’m from wisconsin and Brewers fans refer to her as “Front Row Amy”. Very gifted.

If you were Boston who would you rather play in the World Series Dodgers...

After a tough few years in the postseason, which has been filled with early playoff exits and disappointment, the Boston Red Sox can finally say they are going back to the World Series.

Red Sox sing ‘Happy Birthday’ to Alex Cora in clubhouse immediately after winning ALCS

Winning the American League pennant is a pretty good birthday present, and it was one Alex Cora received on Thursday night in Houston.

Mookie Betts with a great catch to rob Bregman

Joel Osteen is furiously writing notes about how to get better at robbing Houston blind.

I like Verlanders new commercial

His lucky number is 3.

Mookie Betts guns down Tony Kemp after trying to stretch a single into a...

Has anyone ever seen betts and ichiro in the same room.

The Red Sox Survive on a Great Diving Catch! 3-1 Series lead


Bradley Jr. Sends a Two Run SHOT to Give The Sox the Lead

Fucking Jackie Bradley Jr. is really about to fuck around and win ALCS MVP.

Fan interference called after Mookie tries to rob Altuve of a 2-run home run

I understand but I'm still upset.

Manny Machado: When is Dodgers star going to be held accountable?

Dodgers shortstop Manny Machado and Brewers catcher Erik Kratz react after Machado clipped first baseman Jesus Aguilar on the way to first base.

Yelich Calls Machado a ‘Dirty Player’

Machado appeared to kick Brewers first baseman Jesus Aguilar's right foot with his left foot on a groundout, leading the benches to clear.

Bellinger Walks It Off! 2-2 Series!

Shoutout to Urias for pitching a fire inning.

Machado and Aguilar Share Some Words After the Play

This is probably how it feels to have a shithead as a kid.

David Ortiz absolutely loses it on the Fox Sports set during the Red Sox...

Jesus Frank Thomas is still huge.

Marlins are removing the home run sculpture from their stadium and it could cost...

Marlins CEO Derek Jeter and his lamentable inclinations have reportedly won a grim victory.

Bradley Jr Jacks a Huge Grand Slam


TSN Recap:Back to back walks to load the WHAT?