A breakdown of Anthony Rizzo motioning for an umpire to move during his at bat

One of those things that you don’t see and you learn something new about baseball.


Anthony Rizzo the first baseman motioning to both umpires


Baseball has so many unwritten and written rules. That’s what makes half the game fun. Man I miss playing. The mental aspect of what I was going to do if the ball came to me was always so exciting! Baseball also teaches you to be a critical thinker. You have to run through 100 different scenarios in your head before a play happens. So I think it’s benefited me all throughout my life. I will always love the game. I watch almost 162 Diamondbacks games per year.


Still cool but how much cooler would this be if Rizzo roped a line drive right where the ump had been standing


Really cool that Jake Johnson has time to make these baseball analysis videos now that he’s not busy playing Nick on New Girl.




Huh. TIL. Nice.


Huh. I’m 39, have probably watched well over 1000 games, and have never seen this. Neat!


What’s the point of that flair @mods? Not only does it say that it’s a breakdown in the title, but this guy’s videos have been all over this sub lately.


I’d be curious to know the actual reason for the request. It’s defiantly NOT because he is in his line of sight.

Even HS umpires know how to avoid that (it ain’t hard at all if you’ve ever taken an AB at any level)…

The pitcher is a Righty so even if an umpire accidentally got too much behind a pitcher on the 2B side of the bag, it wouldnt obscure the vision, unless the pitcher was a Lefty… In fact, moving the umpire to the SS of the base would more likely cause an obstruction of Rizzo’s view. But again, that doesn’t really happen so that’s clearly not a worry for Rizzo.