At this rate, there’s going to be an entire orchestra in the dugout by the end of the season

My man with the cooler lid is taking that shit seriously.


Props to Souza….he’s gonna miss the entire season and yet there he is in the dugout partying with the boys.


Love these guys. They work hard on the field, but they also seem to have a great community feel off the field. They know how to have fun.


I approve of this (and ANY) attempt by ballplayers to make the game fun. That stuffy MLB “gentlemen’s game” bullshit is why you’re losing fans.

Flip a bat, bang around in the dugout, do some coke like Keith Hernandez and Lenny Dykstra. Let’s make some shit happen here.


The setup phase of every TF2 match


Don Cherry dislikes this


It’s so weird, as divisive as the Goldy trade was this team seems so much more fun now without him. Like we’ve got personality and these guys are just so fucking scrappy.

Been a fun season of baseball out here so far.


I love baseball


“Jesus that’s loud, is that a mariachi band?”
“No, that’s just the Diamondbacks.”


Did I just become a Dbacks fan. Seems like such a fun team