Jayson Werth on dropping his agent and MLB's 'super nerd' problem
  • Former Washington Nationals staple and Chatham Glenwood High School graduate Jayson Werth formally announced his retirement from baseball on June 27.
  • Longtime Philadelphia sports talk host Howard Eskin invited Werth to be a guest on his show and conducted a wide-ranging interview that mostly spanned Phillies’ lore – but also included Werth’s decision to drop Scott Boras as his agent and his thoughts on Bryce Harper.
  • “I had offers in November,” Werth told Eskin, of 94 WIP sports radio, “And I was advised by my former agent to wait. Ill-advised, I guess.”
  • “Spring training came and went, and about halfway through spring training, I felt like I had been working all winter, I was ready to play. So I took matters into my own hands and I called every team [but one], and tried to get a job,” Werth said.
  • “Some guys were surprised that I wanted to play, which was surprising because I wanted to play. I let my agent know that I wanted to play. They said they hadn’t heard from him, hadn’t heard from me, just didn’t know I was available,” Werth said.
  • “They’ve got all these super nerds in the front office that know nothing about baseball but they like to project numbers and project players,” Werth said.
  • Nationals General Manager Mike Rizzo has said he would be open to finding a position for Werth, should Werth decide he wants one.


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