What fans of MLB are enthusiastic? Home Attendance Ranking by MLB Team, 2001-2018

I don’t like the scaling of the chart. The 30th has 1/3 the attendance but 1/40 the bar length


The effects of winning. Toronto went from a bottom 5 team to a top 3 team when they made playoffs in 2015 and 2016.


It would nice if it was scaled to market size.


This is a really cool chart. And its very interesting how Seattle went from the 1st spot in 2001-2002 to just barely not last in a few years


I feel like percentage of stadium capacity is a truer measure. Yankees outdrew the Cardinals total in the final year but Yankees Stadium has a capacity 9000 more than Busch Stadium.


Wtf is that music


Wew what a rollercoaster for the Mets