Jerebko and Mitchell respecting each other’s effort

People’s reactions in the game thread were pretty funny it’s like none of them realized these guys were teammates.

Joe Ingles beats the third quarter buzzer with a half-court heave – ESPN

Bro Joe Ingles is out of this world what a player.

Timberwolves turn defense –> offense for a 19 point lead, Jimmy Butler loves it

Did they boo Jimmy or cheer for him during intros? I'm just curious how the crowd reacts to him.

Jerebko taps it in to win it at the buzzer! – ESPN

If you told me that Utah would score 81 points in the first half and lose, well I would've believed you because it's the Warriors.

Fred VanVleet ends the first half with a buzzer beating three

Legit 180 no scope lmao.

The former Spurs deny Tatum at the rim!

What the fuck just happened lmao.

Zach Collins with the Devil’s stat line in time for Halloween: 6 pts, 6...

He always looked like the preppy bully in an 80s high school movies.

LeBron James is 0-4 in season debuts with his new teams

When they lost to the Celtics in The amount of hate was crazy.

Lillard and LeBron exchange Three Dunks in a row!

Bout f*cking time someone made a streamable of all 3. You're so good.

LeBron makes a beautiful behind the back pass to no one

Give that guy a mmmmap.

Kevin Love says he received technical for saying “Come on”: “The whitest thing I...

After not receiving a technical foul throughout the entire 2017-18 NBA season, Kevin Love was hit with one in Wednesday night's opener.

Markelle Fultz bricks the wide open 3

Amazing title.

Lillard and James trade monstrous slam dunks! – TNT

If you don’t like this…

LeBron James’ first points as a Laker – TNT

Those 3 dunks back to back to back were dope as fuck.

Fultz makes his first career triple!

Lmao dude was about to pull up 5 feet behind the line on his next possession.

Kawhi dunks the ball and catches it by palming it before it hits the...

Jesus christ lmao the Klaw could not be a better nickname. OP's flare literally looks like Kawhi's hand holding a ball.

Golden State Warriors starters get pranked with Careless Whisper

I wish they weren’t so fucking good.

Lowry still does the pre-game handshake routine he used to do with DeRozan

Did Demar do the other half before his game? WE MUST KNOW.

Julius Randle stops Harden’s drive on one end and lobs it up for Davis...

Pels could actually run a lineup where they have 5 guys that can create the fast break. That’s gonna be so important for them to keep a high pace every game.