Kobe called up Dirk during Free Agency: “I remember calling Dirk back when he was a free agent, I said ‘Dirk, listen, I know you’re not leaving Dallas, I get it, but I gotta make the call, what do you think?’ He says ‘Yeah man you’re right, bro, I’m a lifer like you man, we don’t leave”

I think he also said this in a presser years ago as well. Either way, Dirk and Kobe has some great battles. Man those were fun years to be a Mavs fan!


We need a Player’s Only Roundtable with this centuries greats. Imagine one with Dirk, Shaq, Duncan, Kobe, Yao, Mcgrady etc. Would be awesome to see their thoughts on certain players or moments during their time playing.


DeRozan probably would’ve wanted to be a lifer in Toronto had we given him the chance. Tough.


Could you imagine the pick and pop action with Kobe and Dirk?


🐐🐐. Don’t think you’ll see that kind of loyalty in the NBA again. 2 decades with one team.


How does Dirk play away games if he won’t leave Dallas? Asking for a friend.


Kobe demanded a trade though?


Lol did Kobe threaten to leave LA?


I used to hate Kobe so much and now I fucking love the dude. He was such a punk when he was young and now he is one of the most gracious athletes I can think of.


Kobe could be fluently cursing in German by now