Terry Rozier asked if he would want to return if Boston kept the exact same team next year: “nah I might have to go”

Is it common for the 327th best player in the league to be a television guest? /s


It’s a bit weird to be talking like this after a disappointing season, specially for someone who has no guaranteed money for next year


Ok Terry “I can never shoot for more than 40% from the field” Rozier.


The confidence of this man


Scary Terry to OKC. First round exit, here we come!


Future Maccabi Tel Aviv B.C. MVP right here.


Haha, I like Rozier.


Boston Celtics asked if they would want Terry Rozier to return if he kept the same exact skill set next year: “nah he might have to go”.


this guy shooting 38% fg, good riddance


I understand he is upset about his diminished role but what did he think the Celtics would do? Let him start over Kyrie? How is he disgruntled, he isn’t better than Kyrie.

A guy who has never scored more than 11PPG and middle of the road efficiency thinks that he should have a bigger role in the offense? I get if you feel like you didn’t have a fair shake but how is this helping your cause with other teams?

He is a role player and a career backup in my mind. Also, it now looks like he was the one causing all the locker room problems on a promising team even if Kyrie was the problem. Yikes.