Von Miller with the nasty dip underneath the right tackle for the strip sack

He fucking teleported. That’s the only word that seems appropriate.

Jalen Ramsey not as talkative amid Jaguars’ struggles on defense

How much have things changed in the wake of the Jacksonville Jaguars' two-game losing streak? Jalen Ramsey doesn't have much to say.

Larry Fitzgerald sacks Kurt Warner pregame

Roughing the passer.

In honor of our new roughing the passer rules — here are some of...

Found Bill Belichick’s Reddit account.

Packers tight end Lance Kendricks facing criminal charges for marijuana from 2017 traffic stop

Packers tight end Lance Kendricks is about to be charged for possession of marijuana, after a 2017 traffic stop.

The Film Room Ep. 86: “The Ravens defense preys on the fear and confusion...

Somewhere, out there, Ray Lewis is taking credit for this.

Jason Witten’s new ‘Monday Night Football’ career is a mess

1,152 receptions, and 12,448 receiving yards with the Dallas Cowboys, Witten retired to join the Monday Night Football booth.

Deceased Bills owner Ralph Wilson’s Trust gives $200 million to Detroit and Buffalo to...

The foundation will give $100 million to turn LaSalle Park on Buffalo's Lower West Side into a signature park and to develop a completed regional trail system.

Derek Carr under John Gruden: least air yards per pass in NFL, but #1...

Midway through the fourth quarter of Sunday's 27-3 loss to the Seattle Seahawks - a game in which Carr was hit 10 times and sacked six times - Carr was pounded to the Wembley Stadium pitch especially hard as Seattle's Jarran Reed drove Carr's left shoulder into the ground.

Emmanuel Sanders calls out Broncos fans. “I don’t respect what they do in the...

"The fans are losing hope? I just can't believe that. We still got a long season ahead of us. Broncos Country has been great for us."

Giants believe this 1-5 is different than last year’s 1-5

The Giants fired the coach and General Manager, turned over a significant portion of the roster, but remain at the same spot they were last year.

Fat man highlight: OL Dan Connolly returns kick for 71 yards

No flags on cool return? Those were the days.

Hue Jackson keeps promising to give Nick Chubb more carries, keeps not giving Chubb...

Browns rookie running back Nick Chubb has been sensational thus far in his NFL career, averaging a whopping 10.8 yards per carry.

Aaron Rodgers Makes a Couple Clutch Throws Look Routine to Set Up the GW...

I almost feel like he sucks on purpose throughout the game just to do this. Like a cat who plays with his food.

Ben Roethlisberger on Vontaze Burfict: “He hits AB then, literally, as I am under...

Vontaze Burfict threw down an ugly hit during Sunday's game between the Pittsburgh Steelers and Cincinnati Bengals.

FiveThirtyEight: Through six games, the Chiefs are the worst defense ever measured in yards...

Through six games, the Chiefs are the worst defense ever measured in yards allowed.

Josh Gordon plays 81% of Patiots snaps vs. Chiefs compared with 26% vs. Colts

The New England Patriots needed every single play available to defeat the Kansas City Chiefs during yesterday's prime time matchup.

Mahomes finds Tyreek for the 75 yard touchdown!

Other link doesn't have the beer or the finger so I'm upvoting this one #frickyoumods.

Gronk stiff-arms Ron Parker into oblivion on a 42-yard gain

Threw him out da club.