Pacman Jones allegedly attacked in bizarre airport fight
  • A man named Frank Ragin has done the impossible: made Adam “Pacman” Jones the good guy.
  • According to TMZ Sports, Ragin, an employee at cleaning company ABM, made a gesture toward the former Bengals cornerback at Hartsfield-Jackson Airport in Atlanta on Tuesday night.
  • Jones confronted Ragin verbally and things escalated from there.
  • The two then escalate the fight, with Jones throwing haymakers until Ragin is on the floor.
  • “Mr. Ragin eventually struck Mr. Jones with a closed fist,” cops said, according to TMZ, ” causing a laceration to Mr. Jones’ face.
  • “Mr. Jones then started to defend himself, causing Mr. Ragin to fall to the ground.”
  • Ragin was arrested for two counts of battery, as he also hit a woman who was with Jones.


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