The Bills Quarterback Competition is Shaping Up to be a Complete Disaster
  • The Buffalo Bills are working with three apparently undesirable quarterbacks, who joined the team over the last 18 months.
  • Much like an online shopper who ordered shoes in three different sizes but still didn’t get their size, the Bills probably don’t feel ready for the big event.
  • Because Allen didn’t figure to be a Day 1 starter, the Bills added McCarron, a veteran who supposedly had been dying to get out from under the wing of Andy Dalton.
  • If McCarron couldn’t win the job from Dalton, then why would the Bills think McCarron would be ready to win a quarterback competition in Buffalo?
  • The outlook is even more grim when put in the context of the Bills offense.
  • Without McCoy, the unlucky winner of the Bills’ quarterback battle will have to share the backfield with Chris Ivory, a solid running back who has spent most of his career as a backup.
  • It’s a bad sign that the quarterback group seems to be comprised of players too unprepared or untalented to win the competition.


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