The game Calvin Johnson couldn’t be stopped: 14 catches, 329 yards, 1 TD, 87-yard long

I was in a car on a road trip and lost cell service at halftime.

Sort of wish I would have died out there in the desert and never known the outcome.


And let it be known. No one, and I mean no one, gets 330 yards receiving against the Cowboys and gets away with it…


My favorite part about this game was during the lead-up, Dez Bryant was saying how “I can do whatever he can do,” and then Megatron legit went on the field and was like “do this”


Was this the one where Stafford faked the spike and jumped over the line of scrimmage?


We’ve given up some monster games to some really good receivers in recent history. And to some not so good receivers. And backup runningbacks in the playoffs.


Megatron was such a beast, man…..


Apparently he could be stopped if it was only one td



I spent the last 6 years trying to erase this moment from my memory… son bitch that man lit us up!


Eh, I’d rather not, thanks.


This video makes me miss when Stafford was allowed to be a gun slinger. That’s one of the more special arms I’ve ever seen. Every slot, any distance, on a fucking dime. We really wasted the best years of his career