Vincent Trocheck with an appropriate reaction after Florida finally gets a win in their...

I fuckin love Trocheck man. Dude plays his heart out for us every time he steps on the ice.

A white version of the Vancouver Canucks Flying V concept

I see this and I'm like, "who is the idiot that ever changed this?" Then I remember my reaction to seeing the blue-and-greens and was like, "why did they ever think it was smart to give these up in the first place?" Then I remember the late 90s/early 2000s jersey and wonder "who the fuck thought this was better than the other two?"

Jordin Tootoo was a feisty fighter, but to commemorate his retirement, here’s one of...

That is the most genuinely happy laugh I have ever heard come out of a human haha.

Brett Connolly leaves Jakub Vrana hanging on a fist bump

At this point I'm not even convinced Connolly knows how to fist bump.

Lefties VS Righties: Which team would you prefer?

Any team with McDavid at 2C is the one you take.

NHL goalies worried about smaller pad size; “it’s like wearing a shin guard on...

The overall size of the chest protector wasn't changed, but they reduced the size of the shoulders by about an inch, making them more formfitting, while also streamlining the padding around the goaltender's arms.

NHL Rumors: Duchene, Point, Rinne, More

In today's rumor rundown, the Tampa Bay Lightning and Brayden Point are going to hold off chatting contracts for a while, Matt Duchene and the Ottawa Senators are doing the opposite and the Nashville Predators are exploring different ideas with goaltender Pekka Rinne.

NIHL North Preview: Hull Forward Confident The Jets Can Challenge For Silverware

LANCASHIRE, UK - Forward Richard Haggar believes Hull Jets will mount a challenge for silverware this season despite making a mixed start to the campaign.

Erik Karlsson puts the puck on a string

That got a big reaction from the crowd here at SAP.

NSFW Babcock “Is he okay?!”

What was this in response to?

Connor McDavid intercepts a breakaway pass, dekes past Marchand and puts it on a...

McDavid embarrassing Marchand makes me happy.

Yamamoto’s First NHL goal. credit: /u/abirdofparadise

That’s the type of breakout pass that got Larsson drafted #4.

Landeskog with a ridiculous tip

Beauty of a goal for a beauty of a man.

Gabriel Landeskog hat trick goal!

Mikko Rantanen has been driving that line this year.

Duclair with an early goal of the year candidate

Absolutely nuts.

Look at the goalie! Hadn’t seen this one before. A game in Sweden, 1959

Holy fuck I can't imagine how difficult it would be to swim in freezing water with goalie gear of that era.

Tkachuk and Stone with the great couples’ costume

Had to look to see which Tkachuk/Stone couple it was.

Some Flames Fans with one hell of a poster of Marchand behind the Bruins...

Them cutting away from that is absolutely criminal.

Experience Blues Hockey

Im 100% schmaltz's face rn.

Andrei Vasilevskiy says it’s hard to stop an Alex Ovechkin shot because ‘I’m not...

The entire translated interview is great, but there's one noteworthy section where Vasilevskiy explains how he tried to plan for Alex Ovechkin's ludicrous shot in the playoffs.