To the Islanders Faithful by John Tavares
  • You know, of course that’s easy – I tell them Toronto.
  • I’m rocking the Draft hat and an Isles jersey over a suit, you know? So you’re gonna put two and two together pretty easy.
  • Of course, who drafted me, and, man you know what: I could really just say I owe Garth everything, and leave it there.
  • Garth just always made sure, you know, even with those things just being a fact of life for me, that I still got to grow up at a normal pace.
  • Then pretty soon, I don’t know – it’s like you look up into the stands one night, and suddenly it just man, it really does hit you: what a community.
  • In a way, as part of an even larger tradition – as part of this I don’t even know one, big, crazy, perfect, Long Island thing.
  • Anyone who claims it was I’ll just say that they must not know me at all.


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