Tonight, Bob Cole wraps up a 50 year career. His final call is at the Bell Centre as the Leafs battle the Habs on Hockey Night In Canada. Steve Dangle looks back on some of Bob’s best calls over the years

This is a great example of the NHL’s biggest problem with the Olympics.

Maybe Bob’s most famous call and neither the NHL nor their rights holders can use the footage.


Man I love Bob Cole. Saturday night Leaf games are some of my happiest hockey memories. Gonna miss that voice


That blue screen looks terrible! Great highlights otherwise.


Bob Cole cant call games evenly for both teams.


Oh man, this one hurts.

My whole life it’s been Bob with the best calls.

“Canada trying to hang on and get a break…’s gonna be a break!… it is Joooooooe Sakic, SCORES! JEEEEEO SAKIC, SCORES!!” is just forever burned into my memory.

Not gonna be the same without him.


What a beauty


I can’t stand the narrator guy


Too bad I only got to hear him when I sought him out on YouTube or Amazon prime. Doesn’t get much better than this guy. I love watching late 80s – early 90s smythe division playoffs with him calling the games.

My favorite of all-time is Gary Thorne but I’m sure it would be this guy if I heard him regularly…


This feels like a school project. His own videos are so much better tbh


why would you ruin such a nice headline about an NHL legend ending his career by mentioning fucking steve dangle