Well that was a giant waste of time

Well that was a giant waste of time

That’s what bothers me. Win, lose ya know I enjoy the game for what it is but to see it end like that… On a night I didn’t really even feel like spending a few hours watching a game.

You said it… Feels like a waste of time.


It’s not review-able, so nothing they can do under the current rules.


Lame way to end any game. Sharks were on their heels most of the game and stole the win. That’s the way hockey is though. Glad Joe Dirt’s little brother scored his first goal in five months tonight lmao..


Unpopular opinion, if the puck wasn’t touched by the glove, the two players on the other side of the ice would have still sent that shit to the back of the net. Don’t let a camera run your sport.


As a hockey fan, the Sharks were the better team tonight. As a former high-school hockey ref, it’s not clear from any angle (yet) that it was a hand pass. You may need to be the back ref behind the net to see the correct angle. It’s not reviewable; so if it was a hand pass, the call was missed, and the game goes on.

As a Sharks fan, I’m fine with it. Calls even out in the playoffs.

As a Sharks fan, trust me. I fully grasp this universal constant.

You don’t complain about the refs. You don’t complain about the goalie. You complain about the other 5 dudes on the ice that ALL missed their assignments. It’s OT in round two. Everyone is tired. If it were the other way around, and the Blues won, I’d be just as okay with the missed call.

I remember when Bakes knocked one home to send the Wings packing. It wasn’t supposed to happen, and it did. The Sharkies then lost to the Leafs in the next round on a bad call. That wasn’t supposed to happen either, but it did.

Live your life. Enjoy the game. And, we can all agree: Fuck Boston.


It was the hockey gods evening out the missed delay of game penalty earlier in the game.

To be honest, it looked like he just knocked the puck down, it wasn’t a pass.


Def a lot of missed calls tonight.

Its not a handpass if youre thrown to the ice during the play and then it goes off of the defender.