Tavares loses the puck, Coutourier scores and Nylander can’t match. Flyers take the win...

Islanders fans gona have boners when they see this.

Leaked Seattle Hockey Jersey!

I absolutely love this.

‪Nolan Patrick on being asked how he is feeling, “I usually have one ham...

My man said that straight-faced, completely serious.

Ryan Johansen’s controller disconnect shootout winner

Kinkaid was so confused, bit very hard.

Finland’s OT Goal Reversed

So if the penalty was on the American goalie for tripping, why did they overturn the goal?

TSN just accidentally switched the camera to the TSN panel after Anderson made a...

It went by so fast I thought I imagined it. So hilarious man.

Ray Ferraro mention the old Seattle Totem’s hockey team and how good their jerseys...

They should be the Seattle Grunge and the jerseys should be plaid with denim looking hockey pants with fake holes.

NHL expands to Seattle after determining it is city furthest away from Quebec City

SEATTLE - The NHL has announced its 32nd team will call Seattle home after determining the West Coast city is the furthest distance from Quebec City.

Subban hit on Benn

Just be ready for the inevitable moment in the next game where a Stars player hammers Subban and he acts like he just got assassinated.

Milbury F Bomb

It catches Doc a little off guard lol.

Corey Perry protects Corey Crawford’s head after bumping into him

Kudos. This is the sportsmanship I want to see in this game now that we all understand the danger of concussions.

Apology statement from Klim Kostin

Like it was even needed in the first place, shows the true maturity of the kid.

‪Nolan Patrick on being asked how he is feeling, “I usually have one ham...

Gotta crush them sandos before praccy buddy.