Pencil drawing of Ryan O’Reilly ✏️

Wow...I was expecting a shitpost and instead am blown away by the fucking quality! Top notch work OP, you’ve got some serious talent.

Stayed up way too late making this pump up poster. So, get pumped!

You were supposed to destroy the Bruins, not join them!

The Stanley Cup Final starts Monday. Here’s how we got here

Friendly reminder that if you watch the first 5 seconds of this you can see Tampa Bay get swept by a team that had never won a playoff series before.

Kawhi showing off his Mandarin

Bro, he asks her at the end whether he said the right thing and she has to reassure him. Kawhi is a wholesome motherfucker.


It’s only scary when he’s wild.

Bruins vs Blues for the Stanley Cup

The logos should be swapped to match the conference location.

LIVE GAME – San Jose Sharks vs St. Louis Blues

What is fuboTV?fuboTV is a service that broadcasts live TV over the internet, no cable required.

Blues fan Scott Berry bet $400 on the St. Louis Blues to win the...

Before his trip to McCarran International Airport to head home, the St. Louis native made a few fateful futures bets on his favorite teams -- $400 on the St. Louis Blues to win the Stanley Cup at 250-1 and $100 on the St. Louis Cardinals to win the World Series at 15-1 - at the Caesars sportsbook at Paris Las Vegas.

Top tier analysis

The 0 losses is the dumb part, but I think noting this is the 5th time they have faced elimination is worthwhile.

Antonio Brown Tweets ‘Two Face’ After Ben Roethlisberger’s Apology

Antonio Brown appeared to take a shot at Ben Roethlisberger after Roethlisberger lamented the breakdown in their relationship when they were teammates on the Pittsburgh Steelers.

Reggie Wayne: Peyton Manning won’t be a G.M. until he buys a team himself

Amid talk that Peyton Manning doesn't want the job running the Jets' front office, an old friend and teammate says what Manning really wants is a job with the ultimate authority to run a football team.

MRW Sharks fans are complaining about officiating

Can't blame anything on bad officiating, they had plenty of chances to simply win the first four games.

Prosecutor: Ex-NFL player raped homeless woman, 2 others

VISTA, California - Kellen Winslow Jr., the son of a pro football star who himself earned over $40 million in an injury plagued NFL career, "Took what he wanted," including raping a 54-year-old hitchhiker and a 59-year-old homeless woman, prosecutors said Monday.

Best selling jerseys of the year

Jordan been retired for 20 years and still top 6 smh goat.