4th quarter takeover by Marc Gasol – Sky hook, reverse finger roll, no look...

I feel like McCaw is a decent bench piece for them.

Is this the biggest turnaround in NBA history?

Spurs went from 20-62 in 96-97 to 56-26 in 97-98.

What fans of MLB are enthusiastic? Home Attendance Ranking by MLB Team, 2001-2018

I don't like the scaling of the chart. The 30th has 1/3 the attendance but 1/40 the bar length.

Magic Johnson on Kemba – “You know I can’t answer any questions about no...

9:30 PM ET. CHARLOTTE, N.C. - Just days after the NBA ruled that Los Angeles Lakers president Magic Johnson did not commit a tampering violation for answering a question about Philadelphia 76ers point guard Ben Simmons, Johnson wasn't taking any chances when asked for his thoughts on Charlotte Hornets guard Kemba Walker.

Ndamukong Suh pokes Larry Fitzgerald in the eye

Of all players, he does it to Larry? Props to Larry for not retaliating on that BS.

Top graded WRs from the AFC East

Robert Foster was an the undrafted rookie who had 29 receptions for 345 yards in 4 years of college. Cut and cleared waivers in October, he really put together a hell of a second half last year. I'm really excited to see if this is an anomaly of a true diamond in the rough.

New Nikita Kucherov GEICO Commercial

It's somehow so fitting that he doesn't even speak. Just lightin 'lamps bro.

Reaves laughing at Wilson after an attempted Wilson hit

Every yinzer hockey fan just came at once.

I’m officially a Konecny fan

Ya fockin nerd.

Courtside dimes from CP3. Ridiculous angle

Imma need to get courtside seats at least once in my life. That's so dope.

Can we all appreciate Coyne’s unreal speed? Why not make it a regular thing...

SAN JOSE, CALIF.-Connor McDavid won the fastest skater competition once again, but Kendall Coyne Schofield won over the crowd.