Thermostat not reaching set temperature Reasons and other problems explained!

Thermostat not reaching the set temperature? 

Reasons and other problems explained!

Brace yourself, winter is coming! No, we are not referring to the Game of Thrones series!

Only two months are left for the chilly season to arrive. Are you bundled up to beat the cold weather and enjoy the holiday season? 

A Thermostat

You might be prepared for the cold, but is your thermostat functioning properly to keep you warm and save you from causing frostbite on your nose or toes?

A smooth-running thermostat is what we all need to keep our homes warm during winters and cold during summers. Any changes in its system or performance makes us worried, right? 

But before you call the expert, check your thermostat to identify the cause. Even minor issues in your thermostat can mimic big problems with your HVAC system.

Do you know what is scarier? 

Such small issues can directly impact cooling system performance and comfort at your home. 

Don’t worry pal, your thermostat would not cause any dramatic events like smoke or sparks in the equipment. The thermostat’s problems are also teeny weenie like its size. You will simply notice a change in its performance of your cooling system or its screen.

When its system gets affected, then it is time for you to go on a full action mode and check out the symptoms and fix it. Just like we care for our children and nurture them, a simple fix is what a thermostat needs to keep them functioning smoothly.

When you experience your house getting colder, or your living room feels warmer than the desired temperature setting, then your notorious thermostat is to be blamed. 

This piece will have all the possible causes or problems you might face when your thermostat is damaged. We have also listed a few solutions that might help you to fix it and save you from a costly service. 

Four common reasons your thermostat displays the wrong temperature

Have you ever questioned yourself that why is my thermostat not accurate? Your thermostat reads that it is 70 degrees, yet you feel like that it is awfully selsey inside, and the temperature is around 80 degrees.

Just like you, some people are good at guessing a change in temperature at their home. Seldomly, you might question yourself that is your thermostat not working properly? Or is there any other problem? 

Thermostat displays the wrong temperature
Thermostat displays the wrong temperature

After trying to figure out the issue, you finally might conclude that the thermostat is reading the wrong temperature.

Luckily, professionals have stated a few reasons for how thermostat can affect your home. Below we have mentioned and why it starts reading the wrong temperature.

  1. Your thermostat sensor is malfunctioning.

If you think that your thermostat is reading the wrong temperature, then you should ask for professional help to identify what is the cause. In many cases, the HVAC systems calibrate will fix the problem. It might save you from suffering from the same issues again and again. However, in some situations, your technician might tell you to replace it. 

  1. Your thermostat is getting old.

Every product has an expiry date or gets old. Just like any of your home appliances, your thermostat will begin to develop minor problems like the thermostat not showing anything, or reading the wrong temperature, and so on. If you are daily noticing hiccups in the equipment, then you should change the appliance once and for all. 

We know that buying a new model will use all your money, but it will come with various energy-saving features.

  1. Your thermostat is not level. 

If you notice your mercury thermostat troubleshooting problems, it is time for you to level your thermostat. 

If it got knocked out from its initial position or it was not installed at the proper level, then you might need to readjust the position of the thermostat on your house wall to get proper temperature readings. 

  1. Your thermostat is in a bad location.

Many thermostat users complain that their thermostat auto is not working or not showing the correct temperature.

 Installation of the thermostat in the unsuitable location is one of the most common reasons your thermostat displays the wrong temperature. Sometimes, it is not placed in an optimal spot in your house.

 For instance, your thermostat is located near the direct sunlight, or not put in a central spot at your home, or installed near sources of heat or drafts then it will not give accurate temperature reading. 

Thermostat Location
Thermostat Location

Till now, you might have identified the underlying problem of your dysfunctional thermostat. So fix it now! If you haven’t, then continue reading the next topic.

What are the five main problems you might notice while cooling your home?

Have you ever questioned yourself that why is my thermostat not going down

The summer season arrives, and the climate is hot enough to scald a loon. So you adjust the thermostat to lower the temperature in your house. 

But you realize that it ain’t working. Moreover, you see that the air conditioning is running, but the cool air is not cool enough to overcome the heat.

You also realize that the room temperature doesn’t match the thermostat setting, and you try to fix it, but nothing helps. Below, we have mentioned five root causes of this problem.

  1. Blocked condenser

It is the prime cause for your thermostat not going down and other performance problems. You should make sure that the condenser is clean and dust-free so that it can exhaust heat properly. When the condenser is extremely dirty or blocked, then you might face issues while trying to cool down its refrigerant. 

  1. Clogged filter:

If you find any problems while cooling, then make sure to check the filter of the HVAC system. Just like a notorious kid, it is the root cause of cooling problems.

  1. Thermostat malfunction

There are times when kids arrive at our home, and they just fool around with the thermostat. The next day, you might notice the thermostat reading higher than setting, and you don’t know the main problem. You might see the thermostat forcing the AC to shut down quickly. 

If these things keep happening with you, then you will need to contact your technician to repair the system. After it gets repaired, make sure nobody tampers with the thermostat again.

  1. Loss of refrigerant

The matter is serious when you notice leaks along the refrigerant lines. And you must fix it as soon as possible. The AC will begin to lose its cooling power when it has less refrigerant than usual. And it might become worse in a few days. Some people have also reported their compressor getting damaged. If you are facing the same problem, then contact a pro technician immediately.

Cooling Your Home
Cooling Your Home

5.Over the hill AC

Nothing lasts forever!

If your air conditioner is losing its cooling power and is more than ten years old, then pity it and replace it with a new one. You can also repair it, but there are chances for it to lose its cooling again after a month or so two. 

We suggest you invest your money in a new air conditioning machine. Do smart work by purchasing a new air conditioning machine. It will be more cost-effective and also won’t cause problems for the longer term. 

What are the five major causes for your thermostat not reaching the set temperature at home?

Nothing is more frustrating than noticing your thermostat won’t change temperature, when you are trying to adjust. 

It becomes worse during extreme conditions, and you begin to feel your home is hot as the hinges of hell. You also sense that the room is not cool enough during the summer season. Besides, it can happen during the dead of winter as well when you want to stay inside your home, but your room is not cold enough during the winter season. Just thinking about such tough times gives us chills, uh!

There are many myths and reasons as to why your equipment is not functioning properly. There may be a problem in your sensor, any other reasons, or the entire thermostat is damaged. Without identifying the underlying cause, you won’t be able to fix it. When you are noticing issues in cooling or heating your house, then keep every chore aside and check your thermostat first.

Thermostats control HVAC system operation, and if it does not work properly then it makes you wonder that your cooling or heating equipment is damaged. We have listed five reasons your thermostat is not reaching the set temperature.

  1. Size of Thermostat:

Do you know what is the number one reason for the thermostat not reaching set temperature heat at your home? Size! It really does matter! If your thermostat is not big enough to cover the area of your house, then it might behave lazily and not work properly.


Make sure to purchase a thermostat that is perfect for your home. If you have no idea about how to get one, then take help from a professional.

  1. ‍A Broken Thermostat

Sometimes, a thermostat can show the temperature you have set, but it won’t reach it. Just check it if it has broken.


Check the surrounding with a thermometer and see if what it displays on it is correct or not.

  1. ‍A Dysfunctional Fan

If your thermostat is not reaching the desired temperature, then there might be facing this problem due to its fan. The relationship between furnace and fan is important. 


After two minutes of switching off the furnace, make sure to shut off the fan as well. Do this properly or else the fan will keep pumping cold air.

  1. ‍Frozen Thermostat

Nowadays, all thermostats have excellent features. But sometimes their issues in the static electricity around the equipment might affect its touch screen. Later on, the display of the equipment might freeze and not send your commands that you want on the screen. 


When this problem occurs, you should close the thermostat for a few minutes and switch it on to see if the problem gets resolved. 

5. ‍Loss of Power

Power loss is one of the reasons which prevent the thermostat from reaching the set temperature. When the screen appears blank and dark, when the condenser and furnace are not working, or when you cannot see the status on the screen, then it is due to power loss.

Loss of Power
Loss of Power

Before sending the equipment to repair, then check if the furnace and its system is getting adequate power.

What Is the Ideal Temperature to Set Heat to in winter to Save Money?

As the winter season arrives, many people get tempted to turn up their thermostat temperature at the highest setting. It keeps all the cold drafts at bay and makes your home warm and cozy. And eating cookies with hot chocolate is like a cherry on top. 

Some might believe that it is the best idea to set the temperature at the highest, but it is not! If you do this daily, then you might see a spike in your energy bills.

Setting up the temperature at the highest is like tossing you money and throwing out of your window. So to avoid that, and keep your thermostat in proper condition for a longer period, and save money, then we have an easy way for you. 

If you want comfort and save money at the same time, then, set the temperature to 72 degrees, which is not too cool or warm. You will stay warm throughout the winter days and save your money. 

Why does the furnace shut off before reaching the set temperature?

Have you ever thought why your furnace does not follow your commands and shuts off? Is your furnace blowing cold temperature before reaching the temperature you have set during the winter days? If you find yourself thinking about such questions, then you are not alone.

During the winter season when it has snowed in a lot, many people face this issue. It is quite common to face problems with your furnace won’t reach set temperature. We know that it can be a headache for you too when you are trying to maintain a warm and cozy environment for you and your dearest ones at home. 

It can get more frustrating when your furnace stops all of a sudden and does not provide the temperature you want. Chill!

Do you want to know what the main problem is for your furnace to stop heating before reaching the set temperature? 

Setting Temprature

The root cause of it is the lack of airflow. Make sure that nothing is impeding the airflow around your furnace. Do a thorough check and also see that the ducts are not crushed or damaged. Also, check that the registers are open. After checking everything, replace your furnace filter.

Also, ensure that the area inside your furnace is free and clear of any kind of dust or debris. This method is very crucial, so do not miss out on the spot around the heat exchanger and the blower motor. If you have placed the furnace around any boxes, other appliances, or furniture, then move it away from the furnace.

Final Words

So next time, your thermostat behaves lazily, and you find similar issues, then get it fixed. If you notice any other serious problems, then contact the expert immediately. Bookmark this page because our article might come in handy in the future. Stay tuned and safe for more updates.

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