Wear Wet Socks To Bed

Wear socks, it’s cold! 

This statement about wet socks! Well, we have heard this statement from our elders quite often, isn’t it?

But what if we say, wear cold socks and you will not get cold.

Sounds like a new normal? 

There are many ideas to treat minor ailments like the common cold. Our mom has an imaginary book that contains 101 remedies to cure a cold. Some are not that effective, but other treatments work surprisingly well, however, many are unaware about it.

Wet sock treatment is one such treatment that your mom will advise you to follow when you feel a cold or sniffle is coming on.

 As per the wet sock’s treatment myth, wearing cold socks at night has numerous benefits. We have explained the advantages of wet sock treatment in this article. So keep reading!


Can you get sick from wet feet?

Going out in a chilly climate can bring viruses at home. During those days, you should keep your feet and body warm. Some people believe that cold feet can trigger symptoms of a cold. 

However, doctors say that viruses cause the common cold and not cold feet. When we were kids, our parents always told us to come inside when we used to play in the ground and wet our feet and hands. Though the flu is caused by viruses. 

So if you come in contact with water or an environment which has viruses, then it will enter your system and cause infections and cold.

However, you will not get sick if you keep your feet wet for a longer time if there is no virus around. 

But it can make your skin wrinkly and waterlogged by absorbing water through your holes in the skin. 

If your feet get exposed to water for more than hours, then it can cause deep cracks, the formation of blisters, and tears in your skin. Aside from this, if you are diabetic, then it can cause severe injuries and lead to ulcers and become infected or take a couple of weeks to heal.

Why should you wear wet socks to bed?

It may sound weird, but this trick indeed has several benefits on people who are suffering from the common cold. It is said that when you wear a wet sock to bed, the blood vessels constrict the cold. 

There is science behind it, which says that the wet socks send all the healing nutrients from the nerves of your feet and ankles straight up to the body and into tissues and organs. It boosts your immune system and helps your body to fight any sort of infection or virus that is trying to attack you. 

A wet sock

By the morning, the water present in the socks dries up and makes your body temperature rise again. Then, your blood vessels dilate and remove any infections or viruses out of the body. 

Your lymphatic system and circulation get stimulated when your body reacts to the changes in the body temperature. Ultimately, it helps your body to drain excess fluids with toxins and decreases congestion in the throat, heat, and upper respiratory passages.

Cold sock treatment has a sedating action, and people who have tried this treatment have reported that they sleep much better. 

It is quite healing for acute infections as well. If you are worried about the treatment, then you can consult your doctor before practicing it. Individuals who have Raynaud’s syndrome, diabetes, or arterial concerns should take advice from their doctors before trying this remedy. However, avoid the application of ice cubes or crushed ice directly on your skin or dipping your socks into ice-cold water.

Cold sock treatment

When the winter season arrives, it brings along pumpkin spice season, color foliage along with cold and flu. If you are looking for a perfect way to fight viruses, then nothing is better than damp socks treatment. It is a simple yet cost-effective way to keep your immunity strong. 

This therapy will work best when you perform during sickness and continue for 3 nights in a row. Below we have mentioned the directions to try cold sock treatment.

Wet socks therapy

People suffering from sinus infections, bronchitis, cough, upper respiratory infections, nasal congestion, migraines, headaches, ear infections, neck pain, infection of the throat, as well as Sore throat or any inflammation can try this at home.

What do you need?
  • One pair of cotton socks. (It should be made from 100% cotton.)
  • One pair of thick wool socks, also heavy-duty cotton or flannel socks. (It should be made from 100% woolen cloth.)
  • A clean towel
  • Warm bath/shower or warm foot bath.
  • Take any pair of cotton socks and soak them for some time in cold water. To avoid dripping, make sure to wrinkle it.
  • Now warm your feet before wearing the socks, or else it will not be effective. You can also keep your feet in warm water for at least five to ten minutes. Or else take a warm shower for ten minutes.
  • Now dry off your feet well with a dry towel.
  • Put on the thick cold socks on your feet. Then, put another sock to cover the socks.
  • Wear socks overnight.
  • Repeat this procedure for three nights and examine how you feel after three days.
  • You will mostly see a significant difference, and your cold symptoms will disappear too. Make sure to keep your feet covered with duvet, blanket, or sheets to reap the benefits.
Wet Socks Therapy
Wet Socks Therapy

What are the other benefits of wearing wet socks to bed?

As we told you above, wearing damp socks can make your feet colder and fresh on stuffy nights. It will not only help you fight viruses but also save your money. 

All you need is cold water and two pairs of socks. You will not have any unpleasant side effects and or have any allergy. When you wake up the next day, you will notice a change in your body from within. Cold sock treatment is holistic, as well as a gentler treatment for those who are feeling under the weather. 

Besides, this treatment will keep you fit during the colder winter months or when you are suffering from cold.

  • Sock treatment for Athlete’s foot

An Athlete’s foot is one thing that spreads easily when your skin comes in contact with the infected person. Most of the people suffering from this infection always ask their doctors, ‘should I wear socks to bed with athlete’s foot’? The doctor will always suggest various remedies to heal and to keep their patient’s close one’s feet fungus-free when they have an athlete’s foot. This fungus infection is contagious and spreads quickly.

foot treatment
foot treatment

Your closed ones may pick it up when you are walking barefoot in the hour or sleep together. Thankfully, there are few ways to get rid of the fungal infection without spending money. One of the effective methods is wearing socks to bed, which helps to prevent transmission of the fungus. It will be best if you wear socks at your home until your feet recover from infection.

  • Wet socks can aid in digestion

Wearing wet socks has many other benefits, and one of them is a digestive problem. When you wear wet socks to bed, you will wake up feeling refreshed. It will prevent any digestive issues like indigestion and other issues. The blood flow helps the gut and stomach to function properly too. To maintain your gut health, try this treatment, and see the magic within a few days.

  • Wet socks can help relieve pain

The sedation action helps patients to have peaceful sleep and relieve any kind of body pain. It can also heal your muscles by increasing the blood flow. It is a pocket-friendly remedy for those who dislike taking pills for body aches. 

pain relieve
pain relieve
  • Wet socks hangover treatment

People are really curious to know whether wet socks treat hangovers and other issues. You party all night, and the next day, you wake up with a headache. Sometimes, medicines do not help to lessen the throbbing pain. But we have an ultimate hangover fixer for you, which is not only free but also easy to follow. It is worth trying for people who drink often.

However, studies show that it will not work when you are completely wasted.

wet blue socks hanging
wet blue socks hanging

As discussed above, this treatment helps to lower your body temperature as well as regulate your blood pressure. Apart from that, it helps get rid of any alcohol-derived nasties in your bloodstream quicker and eases you into sleep via circulatory systems and lymphatic systems.

So, solve that hangover-hammering problem now by using this cold sock treatment.

  • Onion in socks while sleeping

You might find it odd to put onion in your socks at night. But trust us, this treatment works best for cold and fly. It is one of the folk remedies that promise to cure your sickness in one night. You can cut a slice of white or red onion into rounds and put them on a pair of socks. Wear the socks overnight, and the next day your sickness will be cured.

onion in socks
onion in socks


Cold sock treatment will mobilize your body’s natural defenses and fight any flu or cold viruses. It will not cost you anything! Besides, it is also effective for infants and younger kids.

However, people with compromised immune systems or chronic illnesses should consult a doctor before trying this remedy.

We hope our methods help you to get rid of cold and flu symptoms. 

You can reach us out if you know any new benefits of wearing cold socks at night.

Also, keep coming back to our website for more interesting and unique information.



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