AVENGERS: ENDGAME official poster

If you zoom in close on the left side you can see Hulk getting ready for his rematch.

The giant Redwood trees of Sequoia National Park

You really don’t appreciate the size of a sequoia until you see one in person.

Mario has changed

Hard to swallow pills: Youtube's golden era is over and it will never be what it once was.

Derrick Henry’s stats from his senior year in high school:

Those stats would get him offers if they were for a quarterback.

The truth about dad jokes

This is life.

Elizabeth from Bioshock. By Sladkoslava

The resemblance is bioshocking.

By far the best perk about being a city cop is 24 hour access...

Are you sneaking in at night to get some lovin? :)

How glass sheets use to be made

I take way too much stuff for granted.

Robert Mueller’s big Friday: The special counsel is set to release new details about...

Special counsel Robert Mueller on Friday is set to file new disclosures in court cases involving two of President Donald Trump's former close associates, both of whom have entered guilty pleas as part of the ongoing probe into Russian election in 2016.

Marvel Studios’ Avengers – Official Trailer

The fucking chills when the title was revealed.

Time to go honey, and yes, your camouflage was amazing

Forgot what sub I was on. Thought this was going to be a real tearjerker for a second.

Protect him!

It would have been the highest level of disrespect.

MAC10 Pipe Down looks 3D

I voted for it in steam workshop, there is other gun too made by same artist.


Aww man… Their dicks look so much fancier than ours!

Teams Working to Recover Floating Falcon 9 Rocket off Cape Canaveral

While Dragon CRS-16 heads to a Saturday rendezvous with the International Space Station, laden with over 5,600 pounds of science experiments and supplies, SpaceX has been busy working to secure their floating Falcon 9 rocket, which launched Dragon flawlessly but missed its landing target back on Cape Canaveral Air Force Station's 'Landing Zone-1'.

Rantanen makes sure Yandle sees what he’s done

Lol Yandle is like “what? You’re calling that?” And Rantanen is like “you broke my stick in half you moron.”

I don’t find this amusing, Karen

Boy whoever this Karen character is, she sure has a grip of pets!