This guy broke the door every round and i predicted he’d do it again

Imagining that from his perspective makes me laugh, that would probably tilt me off the face of the planet if I was him.

Oilers Roster with no GM interference

Big assumption that they'd have selected Barzal with the pick they traded.

A top talent of his time

Dude looks like a bad ass.

Chicken BBQ Pizza

Now THAT is a proper bbq chicken pizza...

Dirk hits the trademark fade-away to give the Mavs the lead

With this title i was thinking it was going to be late in the fourth, but it’s dirk so i’m still ok with it.

Tert-Butyllithium being shot out of a syringe

Love the little drip shake. That is a man with experience of peeing.

My house is truly protected now

Best use of Alexa in 2019.

Bryan Singer Hit With Fresh Allegations of Sex With Underage Boys

Bryan Singer, the director of "Bohemian Rhapsody," is facing new allegations published in the Atlantic on Wednesday that he engaged in sexual misconduct with underage boys.

Saints cornerback P.J. Williams arrested on drunk-driving accusations

Saints cornerback P.J. Williams was jailed on accusations of driving while drunk in New Orleans early Wednesday, according to records.

One of the funniest things I’ve seen today

What did they change???

Guilty 🙋‍♀️

I call and hang up instantly when I hear the first ring.

I rescued this cat from my job site today. He was dirty and matted,...

We need to see some pictures of the floofy boy!

Evolution of the English Alphabet

Really nice to see that t has always been a thing.

Poll: Only 7% of Voters Back Wall Funding to End Shutdown

Only 7 percent of American voters surveyed support giving Donald Trump funding for his Mexico border wall to end the U.S. government shutdown, according to a new poll.

Luka rips his jersey


Thx for sorting by new

To the front page we go.

My roommate was watching my two rabbits for the week. This is what she...

They had a party. And you weren’t invited. They had fun!

Parekh & Singh – Summer Skin

That's pretty awesome.