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I'll have three please.

Let’s give raccoon a marshmallow

The little fucker even looks at the single marshmallow before swiping the bag!

Jonas Jerebko isn’t pleased that his shot didn’t go in

I had this preconceived notion that he had a thick accent. Apparently he does not have a thick accent.

This can of paint looks like a cat

An italian cat.

Closure in Moscow – Vanguard

I loved this album but I think they really found their niche with Pink Lemonade. Such a fun album.

Low Country Boil

I can smell the olbay thru my phone.

Just gonna set fire to everything around me

Did I miss anyone?!?

Report: Packers could eye Josh McDaniels as Mike McCarthy replacement

The word on the street is that Josh McDaniels is open to potential head coach opportunities.

ESPN forgets the White Sox part 435

Looks like the only Big Hurt here is how much the White Sox are ignored.


Oh, I met girls like that. They weren't into me.

Minecraft Interior idea

Anvil chair? I think I never see this design before...

In Throne of Blood Akira Kurosawa hired skilled archers and had them shoot real...

In all actuality, from the looks of this shot, these arrows could’ve been shot from 5 feet away. Leaving a lot less room for error.

William Goldman Dies; Oscar Winning Writer Of ‘Butch Cassidy And The Sundance Kid’ Was...

UPDATED: I have been informed by friends of the family that William Goldman died last night.

Karma is a bitch

"This episode of General Hospital is brought to you by........"

I’ve only seen this raw strength once before

Overlord memes have potential.

PSP Nostalgia

I've been rocking the same PSP since 2005 high school. Recently I turned it on and started playing through PSClassics and Final Fantasy 7 Crisis Core. This is still a dope handheld.

Pumpkin Bourbon Cheesecake

Excellent taste in bourbon. Looks delicious.

Creamy Chicken & Mushroom Casserole

We have very different definitions of casserole but it looks delicious anyway.

According to Chris Haynes, Draymond Green told Kevin Durant: “You’re a bitch and you...

HOUSTON - Inside this very building, the Toyota Center, nearly six months ago in the Western Conference finals, Golden State Warriors All-Stars Draymond Green and Kevin Durant weren't having it.

Obamacare repeal architect Tom MacArthur defeated by former Obama adviser

Y Kim; Tom MacArthur Andy Kim, a national security aide in the Obama White House, claims New Jersey's 3rd district for Democrats.