Today’s update on one pokemon per day by me. Presenting the seed pokemon, Venusaur....

Love the sun rays! Looks so warm and cozy!!!

Walking through Pike Place Market with a Corgi in a backpack

It’s always nice to see her when you’re biking around too!

N.W.A. – Fuck Tha Police

If anyone hasn’t checked out the movie Straight Outta Compton, it’s really worth watching as a based on real life story of NWA.

Baby Hippopotamus runs aggresively towards the cameraman

I believed it to be a baby hippo for way longer than i'd like to admit.

First attempt in 2017 vs 2019. This is the Thorn from Destiny. I have...

Is that color pencil? Or digital? I can't tell.

Chicken Curry Noodles

This screams Singaporean. Your profile checks out. Hello, fellow country(wo)man, you’ve got me craving curry noodles now.

Game of Thrones hid 6 thrones around the world for an epic scavenger hunt...

I think the answer is obvious. We crowd source a documentary and have Nicolas Cage find the last two.

Day 1

Don't you need a copyrighted image?

My only Reddit post. Stoked to hoist the banner this year

I can’t wait until we hoist the “82 games played in a single regular season” banner.

New poster released for ‘Scary Stories To Tell In The Dark’

Aaaand I just remembered why I was irrationally afraid of spiders growing in my face when I was a kid.

This is too true

As someone with a 1yr old. I can attest to this. 100% true.

These amazing tacos

Nice alcohol to food ratio.

Please leave me be and soz if you don’t

Just a cat doing cat things.

Hailstones hitting floodwaters in Iran

Hail is easily one of the most terrifying natural phenomenon. Like the small stuff obviously is whatever, but then you have the baseballs made of ice falling from the clouds shit. Fuck that.

There’s still hope

Carrefully, he is a hero.

Tim Van Roy — Wicked Game

I dig this guys arrangements. Not crazy flashy, but sometimes these guys do so much it's not actually enjoyable. I dig this.

Gregg Popovich needs only 5 more wins to tie the record for most total...

With the spurs having only a borderline shot of getting 5 more wins in the regular season and with us still having a chance of drawing the Warriors in the first round it will be a tense wait to see if he gets the record. Especially given that Pop has not confirmed if he will coach again next year.

“Wtf! Did you see that?!”

Omg that last little blop was so fuckin cute aaaa.