Klay blocks Turner

Rarely can you call a block the dagger, but this would be the case to do so.

Hanging On But There’s No Way Out

That is some quality bog water right there.

Iceland use Eurovision Song Contest to protest against the Israeli occupation of Palestinian territories

Iceland used the Eurovision Song Contest to protest against the Israeli occupation of Palestinian territories and the violation of Palestinian human rights.

Adorable Scottish Fold

Very cute cat! To anyone considering getting a Scottish Fold, be aware that they develop serious health problems due to their inability to produce certain types of cartilage. It can be very expensive to properly care for them, and perhaps isn't worth it for everyone.

His childhood was so depressing tbh

Time to test out my suicide-inator.

This WWII newspaper from 1945 found in my grandparent’s attic

Damn! I also found some newspapers of Lincolns death in the 1800’s.

Ball to the face!

This is a testament to the incredible speed of human reflexes. Even though the rebound happens super fast, her eye is already closed before the ball hits it. I find that kind of thing amazing.

Bought a bucket of these at the Saturday market. I have never tasted a...

What are the seeds like when they are that big?

Draymond encourages Jordan Bell after his missed dunk

The heart of the team.

Self solving Rubik’s cube

It almost gave up at the end, even Artificial Intelligence needs some encouragement from time to time.

Noticed the theater where I saw Detective Pikachu had ♀/ ♂ Pikachu on the...

Damn most cosplayers don't even get that right.

It Took 1,060 Hours to Capture This Stunning 204 Megapixel Photo of the Galaxy.

Is there any sort of digital manipulation by man on this? This isn't just raw imagery right?

I Took a 1.5 Hour Timelapse of Jupiter Rotating With Io & Ganymede In...

This is absolutely incredible thank you so much for sharing! I might need to find myself a telescope because wow! ...does anybody know what a good cheap telescope is?

Jordan Bell misses the wide open dunk | ESPN

The most fucking predictable missed wide-open dunk ever.

From r/roast me

Absolutely dabbed on.

Prime sirloin with onion potatoes and broccolini

I can’t stop looking at that divine platter of food while eating my bowl of Cheerios.