Tree frog opens its eyes

I love this.

It’s my husband’s birthday today and he requested banana pudding. I think I delivered!

Interesting... would you consider sharing the recipe? That’s different than the kind of banana pudding I am familiar with.

Marsh Drake + Supercollider combo breaks this Wall Priest

Also polluted his res pool heavily with Gravelsnout Knightx2, Cornered Sentry, Leeroy and Muck Hunter :)

R Kelly surrenders for arrest in Chicago

R Kelly has surrendered to police in Chicago after an arrest warrant was issued for him on ten counts of aggravated criminal sexual abuse.

To finish the job you couldn’t

Back to the bar to try again.

Laine scores his 2nd of the night, 27th of the season, this time scoring...

Apex Legends has changed the man.

Paul George hits floater to give OKC the lead in 2OT | ESPN

I got PTSD as soon as the announcer mentioned we weren’t taking the timeout lmao.

YouTube Just Demonetized Anti-Vax Channels: After advertisers complained about programmatic ad placements on anti-vax...

YouTube on Friday said it would prevent channels that promote anti-vax content from running advertising, saying explicitly that such videos fall under its policy prohibiting the monetization of videos with "Dangerous and harmful" content.

SpaceX Crew Dragon capsule gets NASA thumbs-up for March test flight

NASA and SpaceX got together on Friday and scrutinized the Crew Dragon Demo-1 mission to determine if it's truly ready to launch to the International Space Station in March.

We must all unite to condemn PETA

Yeah, PETA can go suck a crikey fuck.

I Herd U Liek Mudkips

But that electric resistance is nice, as is not getting chipped away at in the desert.

Benny Sings – Not Enough

Love this dudes music.

I’ve gotten pretty good at making lemon bars

You got any more of that recipe.

I’m sorry but these are all mine

That look at the end... She means biz-ness!!!!

In Inception, we see a cat licking at some sort of container belonging to...

True, cats also sleep 18 hours a day.

MRW I see your upvote

Lol you’re welcome I guess.

Halo did it first

Some of those Flood levels. Seemed so scary at the time.