6 year old Patrick Kane in the background of Ottawa Senators Sylvain Turgeon’s Pinnacle...

They really couldn’t have found a better photo for this card..?

Doncic hits the timely clutch stepback 3 after struggling all game

11-0 run by himself holy shit.

Image topped coffee maker

Why would I put my ugly ass on my coffee?

The Guy Who Owns ‘Avengers: Endgame’ URL Is Holding It For Ransom to Score...

Anyone hoping to find out more about "Avengers: Endgame" following the official trailer debut by going to www.

Boop pawy hello

Is the guy Daryl from that one show that we all stopped watching?

Donald Trump Jr. reportedly hiding in Canada from media as Mueller indictment looms

Amid the many details in Cohen's latest plea deal with Mueller was the disclosure that Donald Trump Jr., the president's oldest son, likely lied to Congress about his family's business in Russia.

Photo I took of a lake through the lense of binoculars looks like a...

This is really cool. Please find more objects to photograph like this for our mild amusement.

The Film Room Ep. 93: Adapt or Die – How the Cowboys just exposed...

The Saints offense is literally the complete opposite of the Buccaneers offense.

Forging a crank shaft

My favorite part is the little wands at the end.

Just enjoying the music

Why does it stop? : (

Lobster Rolls

Is there a roll in there somewhere?

The mighty destroyer of snowflakes

Dude... That video quality.

Never give up

This whole gif was a fucking adventure.

Gilbert Arenas explains why he deserves all the credit for Nick Young winning a...

His trolling is gold, but on a real note Gilbert was a VERY good player, dude used to cook.

The Ottawa 67’s made an Office parody trailer for their Dunder Mifflin night

Wow that's actually super well done.

First Image of Stealth Suit Spider-Man in ‘Spider-Man: Far From Home’

Turns out this suit looks better on a person than a mannequin.

Floral Jelly Cake

Looks amazing. Is it true these essentially have no taste though? I often see people eating raindrop cakes with syrup or sugar to give it some sweetness.

Guess who’s healthy? Jing Jing, Jamestown and Beverly are!

They all look disappointed in me but I love them.