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Fogged made a promise on Merlini’s Stream

Do we actually want this?

Rotten Tomatoes Announces Major Overhaul to Their Critics Review Process

Popular critical aggregate site Rotten Tomatoes has announced some sweeping changes to the criteria for who and what it will allow on its platform.

Change dot org y


Jack Reacher uses the salt shaker from the diner to break through the tempered...

I had my concerns when they casted Tom as Jack, but I have to say I really enjoyed how it turned out. Its probably my favourite Tom property, I hope he eventually does another.

“Now rub me wolf belly”

We went to a wolf sanctuary outside of Colorado Springs this summer and learned that young wolves (under 2 years or so) are dog-like and can be very friendly and trained to be gentle with humans. Apparently once they reach that 2 year mark they hit a sort of puberty and have a total personality change and become what you’d consider the stereotypical wolf. This may be a (very big!) young wolf.

Green day – When I come around

"Alternative Rock"... something tells me OP has dealt with the Reddit Punk police before!

Some advice for all you “cool” parents out there

Mom's diggin' it though.

How an Explosion of Offensive Coordinator Turnover Will Affect Each NFL Team

If there's one anecdote that best sums up last year's Bears offense under head coach John Fox and offensive coordinator Dowell Loggains, it's that they managed to win a game despite throwing the football just seven times.

Haha, yes

Who did this.

Can Kobe Bryant Guess Kobe Beef Vs. Cheap Beef?

I never expected to see these three guys hiccuping together. Also crazy how Rhett’s actually an inch taller than him, he does hold the single season record for three pointers in his high-school (77)

Just remember this after watching CP2077 gameplay

Big reposts have small beginnings.

Trump Was Forced To Unblock His Twitter Critics. Now They’re Getting Sweet Revenge

President Donald Trump or whoever has access to his Twitter account apparently spent part of Tuesday evening unblocking users.

Episode 13: How To Study And Learn More Effectively

He also hears about the perils of overconfidence and the lack of evidence for popular educational ideas like "Learning styles" and "Brain gym".

My dog slept like this on me almost the whole way to Oregon. We...

Looks like he thinks you’re good people. That means you probably are.

Devils name Martin Brodeur Executive VP of Business Development

"This unique opportunity will allow me to build on existing relationships in the business community and take on a new challenge in my career. I've been able to work in all facets of the game of hockey and have had a growing interest in the business surrounding the game. Working with Hugh and his team will be beneficial for all of us. Over 20 years in New Jersey, I was lucky enough to make connections that I can now use to help the Devils grow, not only in this area but beyond."

I got married on Sunday, I had to make sure to finish my emmisarys...

A turtle made it to the Altar.

Haifa, israel

Reddit: “5 comments?! T R E N D I N G”

Trump’s reaction to googling himself

Computers are now illegal.

The Original ‘Power Rangers’ Movie Is a Glorious Tribute to ’90s Excess

Nothing captured the '90s in superheroics quite like the Power Rangers movie.