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This lighter is pre Y2K

Quick! Make one for 2038.

The silent Charlie Chaplin comedy “Shoulder Arms”, premiered in theatres exactly one hundred years...

After 100 years you'd think it would be in the public domain.

Boban says he missed a free throw because of the MVP chants tonight

How can you not like this guy?

Most of the cotton balls would eat normally every day. And then there was...

You should see Kevin eat his chili.

Raptors pregame video from last night leaves nothing unsaid

Turned a hype video into a diss track.

Just take it

This makes me laugh entirely too hard. What game is this?

Jalen Ramsey wonders why he’s called an ‘a**hole’ for behaving the same way as...

As the Jaguars have stumbled to a 3-3 start punctuated by a complete and utter defensive breakdown to a previously lifeless Cowboys team, Jalen Ramsey has gotten remarkably quiet.

So are crocs

Idk why people hate on crocs so much,ive gotten alot of play wearing crocs.

Watching a crystal of GaAs growing one layer of atoms a time using an...

Are those actual atoms we’re seeing?

I just faceswapped my dog and my cat

I dont see anything wrong with this picture.

Sideways landing in a 40-knot crosswinds at Bristol Airport

I bet a lot of the people on that plane are like what the hell are you doing.

At the end of the Tusken Raider attack on Luke, the raider yells and...

The original Instagram boomerang.

Hand cut spaghetti, fermented chilli butter, crab, Parmesan, and breadcrumbs

What's the name of the place and where is it?

Who TF is that

"youve got some slick moves whoever you are..."

Illidan Stormrage in Soulcalibur VI

Looks like his unknown Brother, Chad stormrage.


I'm usually the Luigi.

Jerebko and Mitchell respecting each other’s effort

People’s reactions in the game thread were pretty funny it’s like none of them realized these guys were teammates.

No such thing as too much exercise, study finds. It found that any level...

Too much of a good thing can be definitely bad for us.

This Wedding Dress

Not sure if wedding or Hunger Games.