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Omarosa: DeVos said black college students lack the ‘capacity to understand’ her agenda

Education Secretary Betsy DeVos allegedly said the students who booed her May 2017 commencement speech at a historically black college didn't have the "Capacity to understand" what she wants to accomplish, according to the tell-all book by former White House aide Omarosa Manigault Newman.

Florida Panthers Announce Professional Tryout for Forward Mark Letestu

Florida Panthers President of Hockey Operations & General Manager Dale Tallon announced today that the Panthers have signed forward Mark Letestu to a professional tryout.

Cheese & Meat Board

This is heaven.

Excuse me

"Mission failed, we'll get em next time."

Pull the lever, Kronk!

He looks so fucking mad.

Brandon McCarthy to retire at season’s end

"I'm done after this," said McCarthy, who is 6-3 with a 4.92 ERA in 15 starts this season.

Charlie Culberson goes back-to-back HR with Acuña Jr. on the 2nd pitch of the...

Folks, Charlie Culberson is now slugging .507.

Acuna becomes the youngest player in history to hit a HR in 5 straight...

Just put him in the HoF already.

Reddit solves a hit and run

We did it reddit! (but for real this time)

The teams are ready, now who will win?

Headband Boiz should be Headband Hunks.

NBC TV games by team over the last 5 years

Pierre must not like Vancouver and Columbus.

I, too, created my first timelapse this weekend. Through the smoke of California’s wildfires

Are those meteors streaking across? That's a lot more than I expected.

Costco is Currently Accepting Returns of the 1-Year Moviepass Subscriptions

We hate to even have to write this article, but Moviepass quickly went from one of our favorite services ever invented to being utter trash in a matter of a couple of weeks.

Josh Rosen continues to struggle even with a first-string offensive line. An undrafted free...

Sam Bradford got the day off as the rest of the Cardinals labored in the friendly confines of Arizona's indoor stadium, so it was Josh Rosen's time to shine with the ones.

My son’s homemade Link costume

Wow he's a pretty good tailor for being so young.

The Smiths – There Is A Light That Never Goes Out –

Of course, Morrissey wrote this song about his scepticism towards the bulb in his fridge.

Michigan girls escape kidnap attempt by fighting, throwing hot coffee on suspect

Police in Michigan say four girls managed to fight off a man who assaulted them over the weekend by throwing hot coffee on him.

Dwyane Wade yams it on Anderson Varejao

Probably my favourite dunk of all time. I remember watching this live and jumping off my chair... Especially when Varejao's legs flew up.

Churros with coffee whipped crema And spiced agave

I'm trying to lose a few pounds but this will take priority. Looks wicked.