Teams ‘more wary’ of pursuing Kyrie Irving in Free Agency after his role on...

Teams thought to have interest in signing guard Kyrie Irving this offseason are reportedly "More wary" about doing so because of the way things played out for Irving and the Boston Celtics this season.

Tony Romo’s botched hold in Seattle needs a deep rewind | SB Nation

I've convinced myself this never happened.

The paint on this pipe to match the shadows

Gotta do the wood grain. 9/10.

Old movie magazines I found in my closet from my childhood

Two of those are actually comics.

This is Conrad

Black mark on his nose looks like a cat ready to pounce complete w tail.

Dozens of graduates walk out in protest of Pence address

Dozens of students and faculty at Taylor University in Indiana reportedly walked out of a graduation ceremony Saturday minutes before Vice President Pence took the stage to deliver the commencement address.

Fuck I love being American

I can feel my arteries slamming shut just looking at that.

One Love is stronger than the other

What is your best moment of playing minecraft?

This dog does street performances with its owner

Ok, this is the cutest thing ever.

Italy scores first goal of the tournament in their sixth game!

That goes to show you, no one shuts out Italy 6 times in a row.

10,000-Year-Old Chewing Gum Found To Contain DNA From Ancient Scandinavians

You can't pull off adhering gum to the underside of your school work area any longer, as analysts from Stockholm University have built up a strategy to investigate the DNA in dried-out biting gum so as to figure out who bit it.

Starlink: How SpaceX’s 12,000-satellite internet network will work

SEE ALSO: SpaceX confirmed that its Crew Dragon spaceship for NASA was 'destroyed' by a recent test.

Wealth inequality in the United States has increased dramatically since the 1980s, with a...

This article reviews the recent literature on the dynamics of global wealth inequality.

True torture

I'm in the shower by the 10th wipe. Time to restart the day at that point.

No they do not

Lying convincingly is an important life skill.

The high school sprinter putting up Olympic-level times has accepted an NFL wide receiver’s...

Matthew Boling is a sprinting sensation, posting times that would look more at home at the Olympic trials than a high school meet.