My Lovely, Newly-Adopted 8-Year-Old

I can't imagine why anybody would let this gorgeous creature go -- but hey, lucky you! What is her (?) name?

A blind guy learning to skateboard!

He's not learning to skate. He learned as kid and got blinded later iirc. Still really cool to see him from time to time.

Timelapse of an ovenbird crafting a clay nest

Once the outside is formed they begin bringing in food for the winter. Peas, carrots, spices, a half a can of cream of chicken soup. Bake at 400 Farenheit for 35 minutes.

That’s a lotta damage

Happy cake day, cake day brother (or sister)

Toxic Vegan – Robo Girl

Steely Dan lives!

Who had one of these?

Anyone else ever cover the solar panel and watch the numbers fade? I loved that, kinda like watching the machine die.

Adam Sandler looks like he owns every gas station in Detroit

Where are Ricky and Bubbles?

Rex Tillerson Says Trump Actively Avoided Confronting Russia Over Election Interference

Former Secretary of State met with leaders of the House Foreign Affairs committee on Tuesday.

Hop hop hop

I’ve never seen a dog do that in my life.

Don’t pull too many Gs

I knew it once I saw the plane go up.


At this point if I make it to 30 I will be very surprised.

Daniel Craig to undergo ankle surgery from James Bond production injury, production will continue...

Daniel Craig will undergo minor ankle surgery resulting from an injury sustained while filming the upcoming James Bond film.

Motorhead – Ace of Spades

R.I.P. Lemmy.

My graphic design teachers desk is made form old macs

Looks nice, but this hurts just a little.

My first attempt at authentic egg fried rice

That looks yummy!!!

Stress test giving us the real classic experience

Looks like the server is pretty damned stressed out! We did it!