The Average Weight For A 17-Year-Old Boy And Girl

The adolescent years are commonly compared to a roller coaster because of all the physical changes. Too much emotional, physical, and mental growth occurs simultaneously. As your child’s body develops and morphs, you may be curious about the typical weight for 17-year-olds.

The average or healthy weight of a 17-year-old is calculated by the BMI percentiles between the 5th and 85th percentiles. This value is derived from CDC growth charts (the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention).

For instance, a 17-year-old male of 69 inches in height is considered to have a healthy weight range of 56 to 76 kg (or 120 to 168 pounds).

17-year-old girls with a height of 64 inches should weigh between 45 and 66 kg on average (or 100 to 146 pounds). It should be mentioned that adolescents of varied ages and heights should also be categorized differently.

It could appear pretty simple. Physicians must collect far more health information to determine if a patient is healthy. It is proposed that growth percentile charts and body mass index (BMI) be used to determine a teenager’s growth trends over time.

Continue reading to learn what factors determine a healthy and average weight for 17-year-olds.

What Is Overweight For A 17-Year-Old?

average weight for a 17 year old

According to the CDC growth charts, a 17-year-old is considered “overweight” if their weight exceeds the 85th percentile. Being above the 95th percentile is defined as “obesity.”

For instance, a 17-year-old boy standing 69 inches tall (5 feet 9 inches) would be considered overweight if he weighed more than 168 pounds (76 kilograms).

Above 146 pounds, a 17-year-old female standing 64 inches tall (5 feet 4 inches) would be considered overweight (66 kilograms). However, there is not always a perfect correlation between these classifications and health stats. Therefore, other considerations must be addressed.

What Is Underweight For a 17-Year-Old?

average weight for a 17 year old

You are considered underweight if your BMI is less than or equal to 18.5. If your BMI is between 18.5 and 20, you are underweight and cannot afford to lose more weight.

The “healthy” weight range changes as adolescents mature and develop. Therefore, knowing how to read and understand growth charts can be beneficial.

The weight of a 17-year-old is compared to other individuals of the same height, age, and gender on growth charts. BMI and growth percentiles are useful screening techniques for identifying a teen’s growth trends over time, despite the need for additional health data to assess a person’s health.

What Is a Healthy Weight For a 17-Year-Old?

A healthy body mass index is between the 5th and 85th percentiles. However, because everybody is different, there is no “optimal” weight for all 17-year-old adolescents.

According to the BMI-for-age percentiles, a healthy weight range for a 17-year-old boy standing 5 feet 9 inches tall is between 120 and 168 pounds (or 56 and 67 kg). This weight range should be between 100 and 146 pounds for 5’4″-tall 17-year-old teenage girls (or 45 to 66 kg).

It is widely thought that regular exercise and healthy eating habits are significant in determining a 17-year-old’s weight.

Yes, these are essential and fundamental components, yet they are insufficient. In this scenario, several crucial aspects may include sleep quality, anxiety, heredity, medications, etc.

As you may be aware, due to their rapid development, mental health is crucial for 17-year-old adolescents. Stress or pressure can significantly impact a person’s hunger, resulting in the sensation of overeating. In addition, it affects how fat is stored in the body of your 17-year-old youngster.

Adolescents may want adequate sleep at 17 because it can affect their total weight. In addition, sleep is regarded as the primary source of the body’s daily energy requirements. 8–10 hours of sleep every night is optimal for the health of 17-year-old adolescents.

Body Weight Percentile Chart For The 17-Year-Old Teen Boy

Body Weight Percentile Chart For a 17-year-Old Teen Girl

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. What is the ideal weight and height for a 17-year-old male?

Ans. Depends. Do you lift? What height are you? How much food do you consume daily? There is no ideal weight; it all depends on the structure of your body.

But according to a guideline, a “healthy” 17-year-old should weigh at least 150–160 pounds. However, it is impossible to predict your body composition, so you may weigh 160 pounds and be obese or muscular. It all depends on the individual!

2. Can I still grow taller at 17 years old? (male)

Ans. Even if puberty is delayed, considerable growth after 18 to 20 is uncommon. The majority of guys attain their maximum height by age 16. Men continue to mature in various ways well into their twenties.

3. What is a normal weight for someone who is 17 years old?

Ans. Your optimal weight, based on your height, should be 56 kilograms; nevertheless, you are 4 kilograms overweight.


For 17-year-old boys and girls, the normal weight ranges from 56 to 76 kilograms (or 120 to 168 pounds) and 45 to 66 kilograms (or 100 to 146 pounds), respectively.

Learning how to take proper care of your mental, social, and physical health as a 17-year-old will put you ahead of those who do not.

By incorporating healthy behaviors and body respect into your lifestyle, you can attain a healthy weight that benefits your body. But most importantly, it helps you constantly feel energetic and happy.

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