Your Child Is At 11:What Is The Average Weight For A 11 Year Old?

At this age, it’s expected that they will have reached a height anywhere between 4 and 5 feet tall. They will likely weigh between 70 and 100 pounds together. Do you want to know What is the average weight for a 11 year old?

At age 10 (or later), children enter pre-adolescence, a period of rapid growth and development. Children’s bodies undergo considerable changes at this age, including weight gain. Some toddlers grow quickly.

During childhood, a child’s development should be stable. Due to kids’ “great growth,” or rapid weight and height rise, these changes won’t be seen for years. Many studies show that kids gain 5 pounds in a year.

This article will address the body mass index (BMI) and the 11 year olds average weight, and the variables that impact their weight during this period.

Average Weight For An 11-Year-Old Girl:

The Optimal Relationship Between Height and Weight shows the typical 11-year-old weight of children. There is a significant difference between the average weight of girls who are 11 years old, 82.4 pounds, and the average weight of girls who are 11 years old, 28 kilograms or more than 50 kilograms. 

The tables that follow illustrate the distribution of a population’s weight as a function of its percentile at 11 years old girls

3rd26.8 kg
5th27.8 kg
10th29.5 kg
25th32.9 kg
50th37.4 kg
75th43.2 kg
90th49.9 kg
95th55 kg
97th58.7 kg

Average Weight For An 11 Year Old Boy:

The Perfect Ratio of Height to Weight defines average weight. The average weight for children aged 11 The average weight of males who are 11 years old is 79.5 pounds.  

What is the average weight for a 11 year old

The tables that follow illustrate the distribution of a population’s weight as a function of its percentile at 11-year-old weight boys

3rd26.6 kg
5th27.5 kg
10th29 kg
25th32 kg
50th36.1 kg
75th41.4 kg
90th47.7 kg
95th52.6 kg
97th56.3 kg

What Are The Controlling Factors Of An 11-Year-Old Teens’ Average Weight?

Determining an how much should 11 year olds weigh is tricky. Several variables may affect a young teen’s weight.

Genetics, height, growth pace, location, or environment.

1. Genetics

Your kids’ genes may affect their body composition and form in addition to diet and exercise. Genes affect the fat distribution and body composition. Your offspring may be much heavier or lighter than normal.

2. Height

Height is a major influence on children’s body weight. Not usually do shorter youngsters weigh less than taller ones. Density and muscle mass are also important. Also, bodily structure varies widely. Muscle weighs more than fat. Leaner or fatter children weigh less than muscular children.

3. Acceleration

Almost every 8-14-year-old undergoes puberty. Comparing the 13-year-olds in the room for physical proportions and mass reveals many variances. Some youngsters have finished puberty, while others are just starting.

4. Geography

Some parents may be startled to hear that their children’s home may affect their height, weight, and size. It is connected to cultural customs, genetics, puberty, food availability, etc. All of these characteristics may be adjusted depending on your location.

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How To Support A 11-Year-Old’s Development

Size is only one factor. The average 11-year-old weight depends on several factors. You should treasure these parts of your children’s lives and support a healthy lifestyle as a parent. Here are some average weight for 11 year old boy recommendations.

1. Regular sleeper

This age group falls asleep rapidly. Extensive learning, a strong desire to play the game, or interacting with others may also awake youngsters. Even on weekends, keep a regular bedtime to promote good sleep habits.

2. Nutrition

Most kids this age eat various meals, but not in the same sequence. Here are ways to get ideal weight for 11 year old boy to eat healthier. Limit outside snacking, put colorful items on their plates, and eat meals with kids while having important discussions.

You may also expose kids to healthy eating. Children learn by watching you eat. They control what they consume.

3. STIs

By age 11, children understand their bodies and what they can do. You may also talk to your kids about sex education. It shouldn’t be discussed until they’re older. Children nowadays develop their physical health faster than in the past. Educate your children about STDs, pregnancy, and body changes and functions.

4. Wellness

Learn how much your 11-year-old should weigh. More essential is their health. To do so, avoid smoking, drinking, drugs, intimidation, and bullying. Allow your adolescents to unwind with video games, TV, movies, other entertainment, and a healthy social circle with friends.

BMI For 11-Year-Olds

A body mass index (BMI) of less than 13.5 may cause organ failure, while a BMI of less than 12 can be life-threatening. Note, however, that body mass index (BMI) alone is not sufficient to establish a diagnosis of anorexia; rather, it is only a probable sign of the condition.

Frequent Asked Questions-

Q1. What is the average height for 16-year-olds?
Ans. When measured in terms of the imperial system, the average height of a 16-year-old is 68.3 inches (173.4 cm).

Q2. How tall is the average 12-year-old girl?
Ans. The ideal height range for a kid of 12 years old is between 137 and 160 centimeters (4 1/2 and 5 14 feet).

Q3. What’s the average height for a 17-year-old male?
Ans. The average height of a boy who is 17 years old, considering their age, is 69.1 inches (175.4 cm), which equates to a little over 5 feet 9 inches tall.

Q4. how much are 11 year olds supposed to weigh ?
Ans. The ideal weight for an 11-year-old varies based on factors such as height, gender, and body composition. It is best to consult a pediatrician or refer to growth charts for accurate information.

Q5. what is the average weight for a 11 year old ?
Ans. The average weight for an 11-year-old varies depending on factors such as height, gender, and individual development. Generally, it ranges between 70 to 100 pounds (31.8 to 45.4 kilograms) for boys and 65 to 95 pounds (29.5 to 43.1 kilograms) for girls.


Teenage girls and boys weigh an average of 81.5 lb (36.9 kg) and 78.5 lb (36.9 kg), respectively, at 11. (35.6 kg). There’s no harm in exceeding or falling short of this weight.

Monitor your 11-year-old children’s health rather than concentrating exclusively on their weight range, and urge them to have a healthy lifestyle (eating, playing, sleeping, etc.). Hopefully, you’ll find this information useful about the average weight for a 11-year-old.

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